Where to Find Cheap Maternity Clothes

maternity clothes

Being pregnant means you have to find clothes to wear. As someone who has four kids over the course of three pregnancies (that would be twins the last time for those of you trying to figure out how that one worked out for me), I can tell you that maternity clothes are not cheap. And they’re even more expensive if you have taste similar to mine. With my first two kids, I spent a ton on maternity clothes. Less so the second time since I did have a closet full of things I’d purchased from Nordstrom and A Pea in the Pod. The second time I bought a few things here and there. The third time, I spent a lot of money on cheap maternity clothes, because it seems that no one makes maternity clothes that actually fit a small person carrying two babies at once whose stomach ended up sticking as far out as I was tall. Those last few weeks – from about 28 weeks until I gave birth at 36 – nothing fit anymore. It was too short, didn’t cover my stomach, and I was forced to buy things that were large and didn’t fit well. So naturally, I decided to buy cheap. That means I know where to tell you to shop.

Forever 21

There is, in my opinion, something very wrong with a store that caters to teen girls more so than anyone else selling maternity clothes, but they were cheap and that’s all I cared about when I was dying from the lack of oxygen to my brain and lungs.

Old Navy

I do recommend that you go a size down here, if you can, since their stuff runs a bit big in the maternity section. This worked in my favor, thankfully, when I was pregnant with the twins, because things closer to my size actually fit a bit more nicely.

Motherhood Maternity

As someone who is not a big fan of polyester and rayon blends, this is not my favorite store, but other people love it and the prices are exceptionally cheap when it comes to maternity clothes. You’ll find everything you need here, which I think is why women love it so.

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