Our Favorite British Luxury Fashion Houses


Wearing the best of the best usually includes wearing at least a few British luxury fashion house designs. You can’t, after all, consider fashion true fashion unless you make the effort to go ahead and wear designers that have been making their mark on the world of fashion since you can remember; and since long before others were even alive. While many people associate the Italians with luxury more so than anyone else, this is just not where fashion ends; there are designers from other countries that have made such an impact on the fashion industry that we cannot deny the fact that they have done just that. However, if you are in the mood to shop for some of the best luxury British designers, we have a list of designers you cannot miss. They embody and embrace the concept of true luxury and they are the epitome of luxury. We have them for you right here, and you will not be able to deny their designs are worth the price.


Trench coats, shoes and handbags are just a few of the many things that Burberry designs that you have to have in your life. We’d also recommend a few scarves, since they are what makes luxury luxurious.

Vivienne Westwood

You cannot discuss British fashion without talking about Vivienne Westwood. She’s spent her entire life making sure the world understands just what luxury really is, and that’s because she is a professional at doing it. Her designs are perfection, and worth every penny.

Alexander McQueen

The designer with the edgy designs is a British favorite, and for very good reason. We can’t even suggest you shop for British luxury fashion without mentioning Alexander McQueen, whose designs are frequently on the most famous, most beautiful stars in the world. It’s a really amazing line, and you should try it.

Photo by Getty Images for Burberry


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