Fashionable Tips for Dressing for Winter Weather

It’s not uncommon to hear women who live in the coldest areas of the country talk about how difficult it is to look chic and sophisticated and fashionable in the dead of winter. When your choice is gloves, hats, scarves, pants and jackets that really need to keep you warm, it can be difficult to look as fashionable as you want to look, but it’s not impossible. Several designers have some simple tips that will help you to maintain your fashionable self when you dress for the weather.

Use Layers

When dressing for the winter, layer as much as possible to create a chic look when you strip down those outdoor winter weather clothes. For example, when you put on a pair of jeans and a shirt, layer a blazer over it before you put on your winter coat and scarf. Add a couple of great pieces of jewelry and you’ll have a completely different look when you get where you’re going and the winter weather gear comes off.

Pack Great Shoes

No, you don’t want to traipse around Fifth Avenue in a pair of Christian Louboutin six-inch stilettos when it’s raining and cold, but you do want them for the office. Pack them in your bag and change your shoes when you get to the office. Winter boots and rain boots don’t quite say, “I’m chic, sophisticated and fashionable,” in the board room quite so much as shoes you’d never wear outside in this winter weather.

Get a Great Coat

Yes, you need a winter coat that keeps you warm, but that certainly does not mean you can’t have one that’s fashionable. Take it from a few fabulous celebrity designers; go for a bright red coat in a flattering fit and warm material. You’ll look great even when you’re layered and ready for the cold.

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