50 Fashion Trends From the 60s That Are Still Everywhere Today

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Fashion has always been timeless. Those styles that rocked the 60s have returned, making a place in the hearts of fashion lovers. Nothing is ever old in the world of fashion and trends, and these iconic 1960s fashion statements make it sound true. Here are 50 fashion trends from the 60s that are still everywhere today.

Mini Skirts

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Mini skirts are the most iconic fashion trend from the 1960s. Back then, they were the symbol of rebellion and liberation amongst Britishers. However, today, these short lengths, typically above the knee, have changed the fashion game amongst every woman. Mini skirts are a staple in contemporary fashion, enhancing confidence and individuality. 

Bell-Bottom Pants

Sinitta Leunen – Pexels

Bell-bottom pants are a fashion trend in the current phase of the 2020s. But, do you know this style has come through the 60s and 70s? Those dramatically flared pants add a playful touch to the whole look, whether formal or casual. Bell bottoms are a big part of modern fashion wardrobes, especially for modest clothing.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Moses Janga – Unsplash

Turtleneck sweaters are a cold-weather favorite of this fashion generation. These classy statement necks have gained attention in the 60s amongst both men and women. From fitted, oversized, and cropped, they come in various styles, complimenting people of all ages. However, the 2020s fashion style has evolved these sweaters with various fabrics and designs.

Go-Go Boots

Arnel Hasanovic – Unsplash

A 60s fashion that never left the wardrobes is the Go-Go boots. These knee-highs or higher add warmth to the winters, energetic spirit to parties, and style to the casuals. ‘Go-Go’ itself reflects the vibrance of adding a statement to any fashion. However, with this fashion-forward, youth culture has changed in terms of heel size and sleekness.

Paisley Patterns

Soroush Taheri – Unsplash

If you are an art and fashion lover, you must have a paisley pattern dress in your wardrobe. This tear-shaped ornamental textile design incorporates vibrant colors and is easily available in various fabrics today. Back in the ’60s, paisley patterns were popular amongst major fashion houses, and they have a distinct influence of Mughal art.

Shift Dresses

Gervyn Louis – Unsplash

Because they were comfortable and versatile, Shift dresses became a style statement in the 60s. For the same reason, these simple, straight-cut ’60s dresses are still everywhere today. Shift dresses have short sleeves, a knee-length hem, and no waistline. They are a timeless choice for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Bohemian Style

Brittani Burns – Unsplash

Boho or Bohemian style is absolutely everywhere, whether in the 60s or today. This free-style, fringy fashion has a mix of prints and textures. Boho can be seen everywhere, from clothing to styling or accessories. It is mostly about flowing fabrics, earthy tones, and eclectic patterns channeling your inner hippie.

Color Blocking

Zyro – Unsplash

The era of 60s-style color blocking is yet again here. This fashion pairing is all about pairing contrasting solid colors and creating bold and eye-catching outfits. Color blocking is prominent in pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, and even accessories. Coming from a simple idea, this fashion style makes a lasting impression. 

Mod Fashion

Aleksandar Andreev – Unsplash

The 2020s is the new 60s, and the fashion statements, particularly Mod fashion, say enough for that. This 60s-inspired youth-driven style is all about wearing clean lines, bold patterns, and a modern aesthetic. The sleek and minimalistic idea of this style is ideal for those trying to create a simple yet rich appearance.

Polka Dots

Tamara Bellis – Unsplash

The small and evenly spaced circular patterns ‘Polka Dots’ are everywhere, from the elite market to the local streets. This classic print was extremely popular in the 60s, and Bollywood is a living example of that. Whether on dresses, blouses, or accessories, polka dots add a playful touch to every fashion piece. 

Leather Jackets

Joel Muniz – Unsplash

Want to try a fashion staple from the 60s? Invest in a good quality leather jacket. Made from durable leather material, or even faux leather these days, they add versatility to men’s and women’s wardrobes. Leather jackets have an edgy and stylish touch that makes them a statement fashion piece for all seasons.

Fringe Details

Blubel – Unsplash

Popularized in the 60s, fringe detailing is here yet again and even more than before. From traditional saree borders to the hem of jackets and even on the edge of sling bags, fringes are everywhere. This classic design element has stood the test of time and is continuing to add variety to the garments. What is your idea of fringe fashion?

Wide Brimmed Hats

Steve Lieman – Unsplash

Those beachy holidays have one thing in common throughout. Guess what? Wide-brimmed Hats. These fashion accessories never went out of style, whether the 60s or the 2020s. These hats offer not only a chic, stylish look but also protection from the sun. Wide-brimmed hats are truly timeless, complementing both casual and dressy styles. 

Graphic T-shirts

Osman Yunus Bekcan – Unsplash

Do you see how the online and offline market is full of graphic t-shirts? Oh, but that is not a new fashion trend. Those bold-printed t-shirts have been here since the 60s as a wardrobe staple. Featuring bold prints, slogans, or artistic designs, graphic t-shirts are gender-neutral. How will you pair them: with your jeans or as a lazy Sunday outfit?

High Waisted Pants

Matthew Moloney – Unsplash

High-waist pants are not more than just a fashion statement but a savior. How? These pants sit above the natural waistline, making your legs look longer and waist slimmer, thus hiding that belly fat. Although this trend gained popularity in the 60s, it is greatly accepted in this era of fast fashion as well. 

Peter Pan Collars

Eren Li – Pexels

If you try to shuffle through your grandmother’s wardrobe, you will definitely find a Peter Pan collared shirt. Back in the ’60s, this charming detailing, the ’rounded and flat collars,’ was on blouses, dresses, and even sweaters. This delicate styling brings charm and sophistication to the wearer. 

Maxi Dresses

Esther Ann – Unsplash

Maxi dresses were a symbol of elegance in the 60s, but did they ever go away? These flowy, floor-length dresses look effortlessly graceful on both casual and formal occasions. Maxi dresses are versatile wardrobe pieces and come in various styles and patterns. Yes, those floral dresses in your wardrobe are from the bygone era.

Statement Sunglasses

Habib Dadkhah – Unsplash

No one can insist enough on how much those statement sunglasses can lift a look. But did you know they are not the latest fine, instead an old trend? Yes, the 60s were all about statement sunglasses, and they are here yet again. These oversized frames or unique shapes will uplift your picture game on those sunny days.

Floral Prints

Nick Karvounis – Unsplash

Want to feel pretty, merry, and feminine? Then what is stopping you from wearing those floral prints? From the 60s to the latest fashion, floral prints have managed to sail a long way. They adorn a variety of clothing items, from dresses to blouses and more. Although earlier, florals were women-centric, for men, you can rock them too.

Wrap Dresses

Kadir Avsar – Pexels

The universally flattering wrap dresses were the style statement of the 60s, and they still impress. Identified by a front closure that wraps around the body, wrap dresses are versatile and timeless. They are a go-to choice amongst women who want both style and comfort. Besides dresses, wrap tops and blouses are in trend too.

Flared Sleeves

Pedro Woch – Pexels

They say old fashion comes again, and flared sleeves are a prime example. This fashion trend from the 60s is here to rock again and enhance elegance and aesthetics. From blouses to dresses and tops, flared sleeves add a touch of drama and movement to various garment pieces. So, how are you going to include flared sleeves in your style?

Platform Shoes

Davide Ligabue – Unsplash

Those thick sole shoes that enhance your entire outfit are here again. But do you know, they are a fashion statement from the 60s. Platform shoes add height to the outfit without influencing comfort. These contemporary fashion pieces are now a hit across genders and amongst people of different ages.

A-Line Silhouettes

Victoria’s Queen – Unsplash

If you think A-line silhouettes are a piece of long-lost fashion, you are wrong. This 60s fashion trend is still everywhere today, suiting the demand of various occasions. This universally flattering shape begins from a fitted style that flares out from the waist. So, if you are confused with styling your lower body weight, try them instead.

Monochrome Outfits

Vika Glitter – Pexels

Monochrome outfits are not modern finds but 60s fashions. It went out of style for some time, although it is in trend again. Monochrome is all about a single color or varying shades of the same hue in an outfit. This trend is taking center stage, particularly amongst youngsters seeking a simple yet elegant style.

Crochet Details

Tamara Bellis – Unsplash

Yes, yet again. Crochet is here to rock the fashion game of the 2020s, just like it did in the 60s. These intricate and handcrafted knitted patterns are truly artisanal. Today, crochet is everywhere, whether clothing or accessories, especially amongst small fashion businesses. They bring nostalgia, adding a boho-chic vibe to modern garments. 

Frilly Blouses

Dennys Lennon – Unsplash

Playful and feminine frilly blouses were rocking during the 60s and yet again in the current fashion era. From uplifting the regular pant top look to adding an essence of romance to saree looks, frilly blouses are everywhere. If you are looking for a timeless and graceful look, add them to your wardrobe. 

Patchwork Designs

Mukhtar Shuaib Mukhtar – Pexels

The art of sewing together is timeless, and it can never go out of fashion; so does patchwork design. Adding different pieces of fabric together to create a visually eclectic pattern is all fun and beautiful. Whether in the 60s or today, fashion lovers are celebrating the mix of textures and patterns for a unique and expressive style.

Chevron Patterns

Abbie Bernet – Unsplash

From textiles to knitting, chevron patterns are dynamic everywhere. These popular fashion trends from the ’60s feature inverted V-shaped designs, similar to geometric patterns. They are still popular in the modern fashion world, gracing everything from garments to accessories and more. So, when are you adding a chevron pattern to your fashion style?

Mary Jane Shoes

Freakapotimus – Wikimedia Commons

Shuffle through high-end brands or affordable fashion, Mary Jane shoes have acquired them all. This timeless and classic choice of the 60s features a strap across the instep and a closed toe. Adding them to your fashion style will add a sense of innocence and charm. Mary Jane shoes continue to be a versatile and stylish option.

Psychedelic Prints

Raimond Klavins – Unsplash

When looking for a still popular 60s fashion trend, we cannot overlook psychedelic prints. Yes, those vibrant and swirling patterns that are taking over every garment choice are from the ’60s. Psychedelic is bold and trappy and is ideal for those wanting to add character and color to their style.

Polished Peacoats

Martin Miranda – Unsplash

In the 60s, peacoats were known for their classic look and versatility. Even today, these winter statement pieces add warmth and style to a refined and polished appearance. They come in various colors and materials, with tailored, double-breasted styles uplifting the fashion game. For men who are looking to invest in some timeless fashion, this is your perfect choice.

Sheath Dresses

Bruno Nascimento – Unsplash

If you are a curvy, hourglass, small-framed body girl looking for an old yet popular style, try Sheath dresses. Known for their straight and form-fitting Sheath dresses, they add simplicity and elegance to the looks. These dresses are seen in various colors and materials and are ideal for all kinds of occasions.

Button-Down Skirts

Isabela Kronemberger – Unsplash

Yes, your favorite button-down skirts from the 60s are here again, rocking the fashion game of the 2020s. Do you have one in your wardrobe? Hurry, shop for them. Button-down skirts feature a row of buttons along the front, and add a row of buttons along the front to your style.

Bucket Hats

Mohammad Bagher Adib Behrooz – Unsplash

Bucket hats have made a strong comeback in the present fashion game, straight from the 1960s. This casual headwear choice featuring a wide, downward-sloping brim and soft crown is out there, everywhere. Especially when summer is around, you are going to see them more often in different colors, patterns, and ranges.

Fishnet Stockings

Mila Vasileva – Unsplash

Worn under skirts, shorts, or dresses, fishnet stockings are quite popular amongst girls, whether in the 60s or 2020s. This daring accessory is surely going to catch the eye as it has always before. Fishnet stockings are now a fashion statement that adds a touch of boldness to the outfits.

Fringed Vests

Nina Hill – Pexels

The bohemian influence is here again, and what is a better example of it than those fringed vests? They were a staple in the 60s and are still worn as statement pieces today. This fashion style adds movement and texture to an outfit. If you are looking to include a free-spirited and laid-back style to your character, go for it.

Retro Sportswear

Ian Wagg – Unsplash

With its bold colors and graphic elements, retro sportswear became a classic style. Whether in the 60s or currently in the 2020s, this trend is making news. Vintage-inspired sportswear continues to comfort and nostalgia. This trend is present in tees, jackets, sneakers, and more such items.

Plaid Patterns

Tim Bish – Unsplash

After covering the market of the 60s and 90s, the plaid pattern is here to rock again. This fashion staple influences both brand and local fashion widely today. Plaid patterns are easily available in the form of skirts, jackets, or accessories. Whether you are looking for a plain look or a polished one, those checkers complement all.

Suede Fabrics

Noah Smith – Unsplash

Suede, a soft and textured material, was quite popular during the 60s, particularly in terms of fabric. The silky, velvety finish makes it luxurious yet comfortable at the same time. Suede adds a touch of sophistication to jackets, skirts, footwear, and even accessories today. This gender-neutral fashion choice is here to stay.

Scarf Prints

Beng Ragon – Unsplash

The intricate and colorful patterns or scarf prints were extremely popular during the 60s. This design is still much into the fashion trends. Scarf print is often seen in dresses, blouses, and accessories. It adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the outfits. Not to forget, even some high-end brands are following it.


Squirrel Cottage – Wikimedia Commons

Step out on the road, and you will find a woman wearing Culottes. Yes, these wide-legged pants are more common than you can imagine. Since the 60s and until today, culottes remain a stylish and practical choice. These trousers resemble a skirt but are much more trendy and comfortable.


Jason Yoder – Unsplash

Some fashion trends never go out of style, and tie-dye is one of those for you. This bright and colorful dying technique was a hallmark of the 60s countercultures. It is yet again seen in the fashion world, particularly in t-shirts these days. Alternatively, the boho world trend complementing tie-dye is also influencing the market.

Vintage Band T-Shirts

Fernando Gomez Cortez – Pexels

There are always some fans of vintage band t-shirts, no matter which era you are living in. This timeless casual wear choice is influencing both the affordable and expensive market with multiple choices. These t-shirts currently have taken over teens and young adults particularly. 

Colorful Headbands

Moa Kiraly – Unsplash

Yes, the colorful headbands you think are a piece of the latest fashion; they have been there in the 60s as well. This fashionable accessory worn across the forehead was much there back in the day. Currently, it has again taken over the trends, be it for kids or young girls. In fact, the influence is more than before.

Double-Breasted Blazers

Benjamin R. – Unsplash

For those corporate meetings, there is nothing more polished than double-breasted blazers. This style statement remains constant whether in the 60s or today. This style offers a structured and chic option for both casual and formal occasions. Double-breasted blazers are covering the gender-neutral market.

Safari Jackets

KingaNBM – Wikimedia Commons

The military and adventurer-inspired safari jackets are there on every other man over 40 today. And it was very much a part of the 1960s fashion, influencing the youth. This practical and stylish outerwear choice is ideal for vacations, especially for jungle safaris. Those multiple pockets and a belted waist do uplift the look.


Mariano Nocetti – Unsplash

Jumpsuits, one-piece garments covering the upper body and the legs, are a fashion statement from the 60s. Sometime in between, they went away, but they are very much here today. From casual to more formal jumpsuits, they are go-to wardrobe items for many of us. 

Checked Patterns

Bernd Dittrich – Unsplash

Whether in the form of gingham or larger checks, this pattern is there to stay. This timeless pattern remains popular amongst fashion lovers of all ages. Checked patterns are available in dresses, shirts, and accessories, adding a layer of classic style to the look. The checked skirts in the winter edition are making noises.

Mock Neck Tops

Nick Rush – Pexels

Mock neck tops were a chic choice during the 60s and yet again. This high neckline without a collar adds versatility to the style. Mock necks are available in tops, providing a modern and sophisticated look for various occasions. Style them under a saree or blazer, or rock them with a pair of pants; options are endless. 

Layered Necklaces

Segal Jewelry – Unsplash

In the accessories fashion world, layered necklaces are topping the charts. This popular trend from the 60s has recently made a buzz. Worn in multiple strands, layered necklaces have made a strong comeback, embracing the art of styling. It is particularly taking over the Western style of dressing up.


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