Fashion Trends to Ditch Once You Become a Mom


Mom jeans – no thanks, but just because you are a mom now does not mean that you can’t get some serious style when it comes to your wardrobe and your look. It does mean, however, that you should probably ditch a few trends and styles. Listen, I’m not all about telling people what they should and should not wear, but I’m a mother. I have four kids, and there are some things that I no longer feel comfortable wearing now that I have kids of my own. Perhaps it’s the concept that I’m almost 32 and I’m so much more comfortable in my own body, or perhaps it’s the fact that I just want my kids to see me in a certain light that has me making decisions as to what I should wear and what I should not wear. Either way, I’ve definitely ditched a few styles since becoming a mother, and I think that other moms might want to know what might or might not be the best or most convenient look for a mother. The reasons behind my suggestions might just surprise you.

Wearing high heels in casual situations

I love heels, and prefer to wear them. Now that I’m a mom, though, I don’t wear them quite so often. I do wear them on date nights and when I’m going to church with my family, dinners and other occasions. But I no longer wear them as a fashion choice just for the fun of it. In fact, I avoid them. And I don’t think it’s because moms can’t or should not wear high heels. It’s because being a mom means putting someone else first. I learned this the hard way when I was carrying my then 9-month-old daughter into the store wearing a cute pair of white skinny jeans, a black tunic and black heels. I lost my balance carrying her, tripped over the entrance to the store and almost landed right on top of my daughter, whom I was holding. After that, I realized that I’d rather have my wits about me and I’d much rather be able to carry my kids without worry or fear. Now I wear flats with them in tow unless it’s an occasion.

Short shorts

I have a reason for this, and it’s a good one. It’s also the reason that short dresses and kids don’t go together. For one, you have kids so you need to be able to bend over without fear that everyone and their mother will get a look at bits and pieces. Secondly, I learned this the hard way, too. When my daughter began kindergarten and my twins were born, I’d take my then 3-year-old to school for the day so that she could have more attention and activity than she was getting here at home with me and two new babies. She was in the third row of my SUV, which means that I have to stand on the ledge and reach over one infant car seat to unbuckle her. I realized very quickly that anything too short (not past my knees) gave everyone else in the parking lot a very inappropriate view of my backside.

Strapless tops

I love a strapless top, but I do not love a strapless top and a baby or toddler. They don’t seem to grasp the concept that reaching up and grabbing onto the top of your top is going to cause the ladies to tumble out in full view of everyone in the room. I would love to tell you that this is a lesson not learned the hard way, but that would be a bit of a lie. Everyone in my immediate family has seen the girls, and I’m not talking about the ones I gave birth to. It’s a fashion trend best left for those without grabby little hands to worry about.


Once you become a mother, there is no need to club. I say this as someone who has four kids and still goes out. But now that I’m a mother, my ‘going out’ is a bit different. It means a nice dinner with my husband, a bottle of wine and amazing conversation. It does not mean anything that shows too much skin or involves being out past 10 pm – even then, I feel that’s a bit late. There are just so many reasons that anything that you would wear to a club need to go when you have kids, and mostly because to me it just seems inappropriate to be out clubbing like that. Of course, that’s just me and other people have their own opinion and feelings on the subject. I still feel that club wear has to go when you have kids.

Chunky necklaces

My kids love my favorite fashion jewelry; a bit too much. They love to grab hold of it and either attempt to choke me or rip it off my neck. Either way, I’m not a huge fan of what happens when they grab hold of my necklaces. I still love them, though, and that’s why it’s a trend I don’t wear with my kids present. I save them for when we are out without our kids or in church while the kids are in their respective Sunday school classes or the nursery. It’s safer that way.

At the end of the day, fashion and style are very personal. However, you should wear what you feel comfortable in. If you are comfortable, then you have the confidence to rock something. Of course, always keep in mind the appropriateness of a certain situation. It’s not that we’re telling you that you have to ditch your short shorts forever, just when the kids are around. You wouldn’t wear short shorts to the office, so try to keep that in mind with kids, too. Wear them when the kids are home or at school and enjoy yourself in that manner.

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