Fashion Tips from Michael Kors

There’s nothing I love more than a fabulous designer, and Michael Kors is one of my favorites. He has a special place in my closet as I happen to love his shoes, handbags, and apparel. When Mr. Kors speaks, I listen; and I recommend everyone else listens, too. Some of the best fashion advice I’ve ever received comes straight from the fabulous designer himself, and it’s made me a more fashionable and much, much wiser. Here is what Michael Kors has to say about fashion for all of us.


The key to being fabulous and fashionable is being confident. It does not matter what you wear or who you are; if you aren’t confident in your own skin and your clothing, you aren’t fabulous.

Embrace Color

Anything can go from drab to fab with a pop of color. Spice up those black leggings and neutral tunic with a pair of bright turquoise heels or a bright yellow handbag to make it look instantly chic.

Fabric Matters

Do not fill your closet with poly-blends and cheap fabrics. They do nothing for you but make you look cheap. Go for light, airy, good quality fabrics such as linen and cotton during the summer. For the cooler weather, opt for things like wool and cashmere.

Timeless is Always Fashionable

A form fitting lace dress, little black dress, or nude heel is always in style. The way I happen to look at this piece of advice is to think classic. If Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe wore it, it’s timeless, classic, and elegant. You can never go wrong looking like a proper lady.

Stand Up Straight

No one looks good with bad posture. Throw your shoulders back, stick your girls out, and work your everyday walk like you’re working a New York Fashion Week Runway.


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