Fashion Mistakes that are Not Trendy

Just because something is considered trendy and stylish doesn’t mean it is. Sometimes the trends are just too wacky for words, which make them better left untried. Take it from the experts, ladies; not all trends are worth trying. The next time you’re tempted to make a fashion faux pas with one of these too trendy to be considered too cool fashion mishaps, think twice.


The Duchess of Cambridge made the fascinator, well, fascinating. And while it’s a look that a gorgeous British commoner turned royal princess can pull off with ease, it’s not so easy for others. Chances are good that you’ll look more like tweedle-dum wearing a fascinator than you will Kate Middleton, so just pick out a headband and leave the big headpieces to the pros.

The Pouf

The fact that Snooki did it should be more than enough reason for the rest of the world not to, but the pouf is big (pun absolutely intended). Unfortunately, it’s also a fashion mistake that shouldn’t have ever left the Jersey Shore. Skip the 80’s height pouf and pin back your bangs with a little bump and a clip. You’ll be glad you did. The pouf is not trendy.

Logo Overload

Your Gucci logo bag is fabulous, but not so much when you pair it with Gucci logo shoes, glasses, a coat, hat and a shirt. A little logo can be fabulous, but a lot of logo can make your head spin (not to mention the heads of everyone else) and it will take you from classy to trashy in about two seconds flat. And I’m being generous.



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