Fashion and Beauty Tips We Should Take from Kids


Fashion and beauty are all about the individual. However, it seems most people have forgotten that being fashionable and beautiful is about being yourself and dressing in a way that suits your personality and your own tastes. You know who hasn’t forgotten this? Your little girl; children are notorious for being beautiful and fashionable. They might not know exactly what beauty and fashion actually mean at their young age, but they’re not afraid to take chances with what they wear. You know why? Because they don’t know they’re taking chances and they don’t care what anyone else thinks. All they know is that they feel like a beauty queen or a princess and that makes them feel good. We could all take some fashion and beauty advice from our little girls.

Have Fun

If there’s one thing little girls like to do when it comes to fashion, it’s have fun. My 5-year-old has a fashionable eye and she loves to have fun with what she wears. While she sometimes chooses things to wear to school that I would never choose for her, she always makes it look fashionable and stylish. She looks adorable at all times. And you know what else? She always feels so good about herself. Don’t you wish what you wore made you feel like doing twirling circles in front of the mirror at all times? Have fun with what you wear. Feel good in your clothing.

Stop Caring

Who actually cares what other people think. If everyone in your office or group of friends thought fishnets and shorts so short you have to find smaller undergarments that won’t show beneath them were the best style ever, would you wear it? No. At that point, you wouldn’t care what they thought. So why do you care now? It’s time to stop caring what other people think and do what makes you happy in terms of fashion and beauty.

Back to Basics

Your little girl doesn’t need a face full of makeup or elaborate hair styles, so why do you? Chances are you don’t even need the kind of makeup you spend so much time applying each morning. And sometimes, the simplest ponytail is the best hair style. And don’t be afraid to try some other basics; such as wearing headbands or adding a little sparkle to your hair in the way of a clip or hair tie. It’s fun and it can make you feel really good.

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