Fashion Advice From a Much More Elegant Generation

Age is nothing but a number; and that is the honest to goodness truth when it comes to fashion. There is nothing you cannot do because of age – just ask your grandmother. Your grandmother can teach you so much. In her day, things were simpler, more to the point and they were so much more elegant. She might be the most fashionable women you know, even if you don’t realize it right this second. Some of the best fashion advice I’ve ever received has come from style icons who haven’t been anywhere near my age in decades.

Elegance is Always Fashionable

Something I hear fashionable older women say all the time is that trends are not fashionable, elegance is fashionable. If you opt for a style that is above all else elegant, you’ll never look back at a photo of yourself – no matter how long ago it was taken – and think that you look ridiculous. Fashion is timeless and style should be, too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dress Up

During the time our grandmothers were our age, no one ever dressed casually. They always looked fabulous and amazing, from start to finish. Dresses, heels, jewelry and full makeup was the norm and somehow all of those beautiful women looked just perfect. It is always better to be overdressed than under, so never fear adding a bit of style to any ensemble by dressing it up.

Think Quality

My grandmother is amazing and one thing she taught me is that it’s okay to spend a great deal of money on quality pieces because you can carry them around forever. She should know; she’s still carrying the same Louis Vuitton handbag she bought decades ago and it looks just as gorgeous now as my much younger ones. When it comes to fashion, quality is always a better choice. It’s perfectly fine to save as much as possible and spend very little on trendy items that won’t last forever or be in season a year from now, but there are certain pieces that will always be fashionable and it’s then that spending more is necessary.

Think of it this way; $1500 is a lot of money for a handbag, but if you carry that bag regularly for the next 40 years (as many older women do) you’ll have paid approximately $37.50 per year to carry that bag. If you buy only a few handbags for this price over the years you’ll spend a lot less than you will if you spend $50 to $100 on trendy handbags every few months because you no longer want to carry them around.


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