Fashion Advice for Every Woman


Maybe you remember the old line from Lindsay Lohan’s (pre-whatever she is/was on days) movie Mean Girls, or maybe you just saw it as a pin on Pinterest that reads, “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Not true (even if there are some women out there who still think they’re in high school). Not everyone wants to dress just like everyone else and not all women have the same sense of style or enjoy the same fashion – or any fashion, in some cases. Regardless whether or not you are a supreme fashionista, all women need a little style advice from time to time, to dress for that all important interview, a wedding or just to feel confident. This timeless – and on point – fashion advice leaves no woman hanging.

Tailor, Tailor Tailor

Nothing is more important than the tailor – no, not that Taylor (Swift). Designers don’t measure you from head to toe to make your jeans/pants/shirts/blazers/blouses/dresses, which means that you are probably not going to find the perfect size every single time. And let me assure you that you can wear the most expensive, beautiful, fabulous designer outfit in the room and look like a homeless person next to someone in a $5 tee and jeans if your clothes don’t fit right. See the tailor; always. The tailor can make anything fabulous with a nip and a tuck. You don’t need plastic surgery, but your clothes do.

Work Your Way from the Ground Up

Just like that dream job you’ve always wanted, sometimes you just have to start at the bottom and work your way up. The same rule applies to fashion; when you can’t decide what to wear pick a pair of fabulous shoes and go from there. After all, most women rely on shoes for the fabulous effect anyway, so why not start there?

No Questions

If you even question for one second whether or not something is a dress or a shirt, it is a shirt. Always. It is always a shirt. There is no question. You are not allowed to even ask this question. And no, you cannot wear it with tights or leggings and pretend it’s a dress; it’s a top. If you take nothing else from this, please remember that it’s a top.


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