Easy Ways to Make Sure Cheap Clothes Don’t Look Cheap


Life would be complete if all clothes were cheap and we could wear the most beautiful and most amazing designer clothing for next to nothing. Since that’s not a real possibility for everyone, some people just have to settle for buying cheap clothes. It’s not ideal; expensive clothing is made with so much more care and quality than the cheap stuff. It’s designed to last longer, to look better and to feel better. But it’s not reality for many. Not to worry; cheap clothes might be made with a little less quality and without some of the beautiful materials as more expensive pieces, but that does not mean they have to look cheap.

Cheap clothes can look more expensive than they are. The trick is to know what to buy, what to avoid and how to dress cheap clothing to make it appear a bit more elegant, classic and expensive. We have some tried and true tips from fashion experts that will have your clothing look far more expensive than it really is, and that will have you feeling confident, gorgeous and pulled together at all times.

Tailor, Tailor, Tailor

It doesn’t matter if you spend $5000 on a dress or $5 on a dress; if it does not fit you well, it will look cheap and ugly. The cheapest dress in the world will look more amazing and elegant than the most expensive dress in the world if it’s tailored to your body and to your fit. You should call the tailor about everything you buy. The shoulders, the arms, the legs, the length; it should all fit like a glove at all times – no exceptions. If your clothes do not fit well, you look silly and nowhere near as beautiful and amazing as you could look if you called the tailor.

So many women believe that they can only call the tailor when something is expensive or designer, but that’s not true. A tailor will take in anything from a tee shirt to an evening gown with no regard to the price or the maker of the piece.

No Distressed Items

If you buy the distressed look in cheap fabric, it just looks cheap. There is no way to make this look good and more expensive unless it’s actually made of quality pieces. And while we are talking about it, let’s just go ahead and leave out the distressed look as a whole. No one should dress in anything like that; it’s not flattering, pretty or even appropriate for most things. So if you’re going to insist on buying distressed anything, splurge on that and leave the cheap distressed stuff to the people who don’t know any better.

Get New Buttons

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make any cheap piece of clothing look more expensive is by replacing the buttons. You might not think that something so small could make such a difference, but it can. Go find something in your closet that has cheap buttons and compare them to something you spent a lot of money on. The difference is so obvious you are going to wonder why you never noticed this simple fix in the past. Head to the store and buy some quality buttons and get to fixing everything that has cheap buttons on it and you are going to notice a huge difference in the look and feel of your cheap clothes.

Do Away with Heat

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you buy cheap clothes is to dry them or iron them. Yes, they need to be washed, and yes, they probably need ironing from time to time. The heat from the dryer and the iron can kill the fabric cheap clothes are made with. You should, instead of using these things, opt instead for air drying your clothing and using a steamer to preserve the fabric and the color of your pieces.

If you don’t already have a steamer, we recommend you get one anyway. This is such a great alternative to an iron. It’s so much faster, so much more effective and so much easier to use. It makes for a great way to take care of your clothes when you need something wrinkle-free in a matter of seconds. We recommend that everyone get rid of their irons and get a steamer. It’s a much happier way to rid your life of wrinkles.

Don’t Go Embellished

If you’re looking for something gorgeous and embellished, you’re going to want to go a bit higher end for that. Embellishments really don’t look good on cheap fabric, especially if they are also cheap. It’s difficult to make embellishments look more elegant and expensive, which is why we recommend not using them at all. Search your favorite boutiques and department stores for embellished pieces made of high-end material that are on sale if you’re looking for this kind of piece.

Mix High and Low

You can immediately make even the cheapest item in the store look more expensive when you mix high with low-end pieces. For example, a cheap pair of pants is going to look far more expensive with a quality top and vice versa. You can dress up or down anything you own, and that goes just as well with mixing and matching expensive pieces with cheap pieces. Our advice to you is to mix and match correctly, however, or you will end up with pieces that don’t work well together. For example, we don’t love pleather with anything at all, so mixing that with anything high end is not going to make it look any better.

Overall, it’s the way you carry yourself and the way you present yourself that make the biggest difference when it comes to wearing inexpensive clothing. If you can rock it and pull it off like it’s expensive and gorgeous, you will look expensive and gorgeous. If you don’t have the confidence, however, you really won’t be able to pull off the look you are going for.

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