Designer’s Fashion Advice for Real Women

Fashion advice from the biggest names in the fashion industry can be seen and heard virtually everywhere. From the runways to the glossy pages of fashion magazines, world-renowned designers have managed to put their mark on everyone from celebrities to models to even the everyday woman. However, straight up fashion advice from the pros is not that easy to come by. When you get it; use it.

You Can Be Stylish on a Budget

High-end fashion designers know that not every woman can afford to spend thousands on a single item. For that reason, they understand that you need to know you can look fashionable on a budget. So long as you choose timeless pieces rather than trendy pieces, and pair them with the right accessories; you’ll look like a million bucks for only a few dollars.

Black is Always Acceptable

When in doubt, wear black. It’s chic and sophisticated, and it takes a special kind of woman to pull off a head to toe black ensemble. The best way to do this is simply to rock the look. Don’t hold back. Go all out and own what it is you are wearing. You can dress it up so many ways. Toss on a bold color necklace or a pair of bright neon heels and rock that; it’s easier than you think.

Stop Caring About Others

You do not need the approval of those around you to be considered fabulous and fashionable. If someone else hates stiletto booties but you love them, wear them. Fashion is not necessarily about what’s IN style. It’s about what IS style. Your style is unique and it is yours alone. When you finally comes to the realization that your style is something you have to own and not worry about what others think; you’ll finally become a fashion maven.


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