Day to Evening: Taking Your Outfit From One to the Next

If ever you find yourself in a position in which you have to take your daytime outfit into the evening, you might wonder how to make it acceptable. It’s really not that heard to go from day to night so that you look appropriate for the evening if you know how to do it. Essentially, it’s in the details. If you can fix a few little details of your ensemble, you can take your look from day to evening in a matter of minutes.


One of the easiest ways to take your look from day to night is with your eyes. A smoky eye with a little liner is a great way to take your look from casual to sophisticated in a matter of seconds. Add a red lip and a little shimmer to the corner of your eyes and you’re look will go from daytime casual to evening chic.


Another extremely simple way to go from day to night is with the addition of evening accessories. Exchange your office appropriate shoes for a pair of stilettos, your shoulder bag for a clutch, and your daytime jewelry for something a little more daring. It can take your office wear and turn it into evening wear with relative ease. Add a little evening makeup with the tips from above and you’ll be good to go.

Let Your Hair Down

Sure, it’s much easier to work in comfort with your hair pulled back off of your face in a chic bun, but it’s far more evening appropriate to let your hair down. Your wrap dress will look far more evening-like if you put your hair down than if you leave it in a bun for the rest of the evening. Combine all three of these tips and you will find yourself evening ready in a matter of minutes.


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