Dapper Great Gatsby Fashion for Men


An American classic, the Great Gatsby is one of the most famous stories of all time. And while the movie was lovely and fun, it’s the book that really does take us back into a world so fabulous is takes the prettiest of words to describe. The setting is one of class and elegance, and the style and fashion are indescribable. Great Gatsby fashion is making a comeback, particularly as far as gentlemen are concerned. The dapper suits, the elegant cuts and the overall elegance are always welcome. As the old saying goes, a well cut suit on a man is to a woman what lingerie is to a man. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the most iconic Great Gatsby fashion that works with today’s dapper gentleman. Perhaps you should pick up a piece or two for the man in your life.

Bow Ties

It’s not just about the tie, whether traditional or skinny. It is, however, all about the bow tie. This look is one that many mock, and few understand. It’s classic and iconic, and it’s very attractive. Women everywhere recommend that men get one of their own.

The Pocket Square

Nothing says refined like a pocket square (pair it with a bow tie and watch magic happen). One thing that men could learn from the Great Gatsby-era is that women love a well-dressed, well-presented man. The way men dress today is uninspiring and unattractive in comparison to days long past. Keep that in mind gentlemen.


With a casual button down and suit pants, this is not a look to be mocked. It’s one that should be copied and pasted everywhere as far as men are concerned. It’s dapper in a way that only a truly confident man can pull it off. When a woman sees this look on a man, she’s almost assuredly going to encounter a man of class and intelligence, and both are very appealing.

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