Choosing The Correct Clothing For An Upcoming Interview

Interview is a word that strikes horror in most everyone.  No one enjoys them but they are a part of the process you must go through when you are trying to find a job.  There are many things you cannot control about an interview from who will be interviewing you to what questions they may ask but one thing you can control is how you look.

Never underestimate the importance of your appearance when going to an interview.  Your appearance says a lot about you and is the first thing that others notice.  There are also choices that are correct and choices that are incorrect in clothing deemed appropriate for an interview.  So, what are the pointers you should remember as you shop for or select an outfit?

First, a few things to avoid when selecting an outfit for your interview.  You want to avoid jeans, active clothing and any other type of casual attire.  This is not the time to go for a laid back look.  You want to look professional and polished.  Your clothing should be freshly pressed to present the best image.

A suit combination of a jacket and skirt or pants is appropriate for an interview.  Also appropriate would be slacks or a skirt and a nice blouse.  Heels are acceptable but make sure they are a low heeled, conservative heel in a color such as black or charcoal.  Anything with a vivid print should be left at home.  Be sure to wear hose, even if you do not normally do so. Also, your handbag should be a basic black or other neutral color.  It is best if it does not clash with your shoes.

Jewelry is a nice touch but aim to go for an understated look.   Leave your chunky jewelry at home and choose something simple.

Following these tips will help you put your best foot forward at your interview.


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