Celebs Trying and Failing at a 90s Fashion Comeback

Katy Perry

Crop tops. Jeans with high waists. Combat boots and….mules; please stop this madness. The 90s were one of the worst eras as far as fashion is concerned. Women and men alike both looked as if they were either coming straight from a night of vampire-like blood sucking or they rolled right out of bed and donned the dirtiest, nastiest clothes they could find. And they did it in a way that was just so bad. If there is one era that should never, ever come back into fashion, it’s the 90s. Even the 80s with its big hair, shoulder pads and off-the-shoulder shirts is better than the 90s – not by much, of course.

Unfortunately, the 90s have made a huge comeback. And if you are one of the people who are looking to make this comeback something a bit more permanent, we ask you (beg and plead you) to stop. Do not look up to celebrities who are ‘rocking’ 90s fashion. They’re not rocking it, they’re ruining it. We have compiled a list of three celebs who have been trying all year to bring back the 90s to no avail, and they should not be your fashion inspiration.


She’s always been a bit edgy, but edgy moved past itself and into the realm of terrifying earlier this year when the superstar singer decided to debut a Gothic look. She has been out and about numerous times this year looking less like the fashionista she’s always been and more like a walking dead character. It’s not good.

Miley Cyrus

Well, here’s a change. She’s always wearing things most people hate. So if you’re trying to dress like a leftover from the 1990s, you probably look a bit like Miley, and we know that’s not the look you’re going for when you put on distressed denim shorts with a high waist and a crop top. You’re going for something more fun and chic, but you’re getting this.

Katy Perry

So far this year we’ve seen her in velvet, crop tops and the most unflattering jeans anyone could ever imagine. The problem is that despite her petite frame, gorgeous face and exceptional talent, even she can’t pull off this look. And if Katy Perry can’t pull it off, the rest of us certainly cannot pull it off.

Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images


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