Cartier Glasses That are Both Affordable and Fashionable

Cartier is known for its high-end jewels and designs. It’s a classic company that defines elegance and sophistication, and it’s a brand recognized by virtually everyone in the world. Cartier is the epitome of chic sophistication, and that includes the line of sunglasses produced by the upscale brand. While some of the glasses created by Cartier are as much as a used luxury car, others are a bit more affordable and just as stylish.

Round Rimmed Sunglasses – $500

These stylish glasses are designed with the classic C logo on the sides. They consist of a golden finish with the double C. They’re oversized, but not so oversized they don’t fit. They’re oval in shape and have a tortoise shell design, making them timeless as well as stylish.

Rectangle Rimmed Glasses – $500

These are almost exactly the same as the round rimmed glasses. The only difference is that they feature a rectangular shape instead of a round one. They are large without being too big for a woman’s face. They’re a classic design that complements all facial features, and they’re designed to signify elegance and not pretentiousness.

Trinity De Cartier Collection Rectangle – $550

These glasses are the perfect prescription glasses. You get the rims and you just have to take them to your optometrist so that you can have them filled with prescription lenses. These gorgeous, elegant black frames are equipped with three interlocking rings to represent the trinity. They feature a rectangular shape.

Trinity De Cartier Collection Square – $550

These tortoise shell-shaped glasses are made of gorgeous materials and feature the famous three interlocking rings. They also come in a lovely shade of burgundy that makes them a bit more different and a bit more interesting than some of the other prescription glasses on the market.

Santos De Cartier Sport Rimmed Sunglasses for Men – $560

It’s a contemporary design that pays homage to the aviators. It’s not traditional in that it is rimmed all the way around, but it is still timeless and elegant. With a brushed steel finish and rectangular shape, these polarized glasses are perfect for the everyday man who like casual elegance.

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