What we can Learn from Marilyn Monroe’s Fashion

Marilyn Monroe

She is one of the most iconic, most beautiful women in history, and Marilyn Monroe will be remembered for many centuries to come for many things. Most of all, she will be remembered for her beauty and her impeccable fashion sense. Marilyn  Monroe fashion is beautiful and lovely, elegant and fun. She’s the kind of woman who can teach us many things about what it’s like to be a lady, or to be a woman who has serious fashion sense. She’s a woman to be reckoned with, and she’s someone we look up to, despite losing her so many years ago, because of her beautiful mannerisms and her fashion. We see photos of her dressed to the nines, casually dressed, but always perfect. There was never a time in which we saw her looking anything less than fabulous, and that’s a lesson in and of itself. Today, women are not always on board with fashion, and it’s a shame. Here are a few of the fashion lessons we learned from Ms. Monroe; hopefully they resonate with modern women.

Bold Lips are Beautiful

A bold red lip is always appropriate. Whether it is mid-day or evening, a bold red lip is ladylike, appropriate. It’s an easy fix and the rest of your makeup  no longer matters when you choose something this lovely.

Embrace your Curves

There is something to be said about the curvaceous Marilyn Monroe and her sheer confidence. She had an imperfect body, as so many of us do, yet she rocked it every single day. She didn’t hide her imperfections. She embraced everything she was and we love that about her.

Play up Your Perfections

Instead of hiding her imperfections and making them try to disappear, Monroe ignored them and focused instead of her perfections. She was always wearing something that flattered her best features so much so that we forgot about the rest. And that’s a lesson we could use.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


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