Buying Cheap Pumps Will Cost You More Than Buying Quality High Heels

High Heels

Many people search the internet in search of cheap pumps, but it’s something that most fashion forward women and stylists will advise against. Sure, you want to save money on shoes, especially those you don’t wear all that often. However, there are so many good reasons why you should never buy “cheap” shoes (unless you find a pair of Manolo Blahniks for 75% off, and then you should buy those cheap shoes). Before you become upset and wonder why we’d tell you to spend more money on something when you’re trying to save money, hear us out. We want you to avoid cheap pumps and actually save money by spending more right now.

Skip the Cheap Shoes

Cheap shoes are, well, cheap. They’re not made well. Shoes with zero quality are not going to last long. They’re going to scuff, fall apart, rip and tear in the first few uses and look horrid following just a few wears. Additionally, it’s so easy to spot a pair of cheaply made shoes, and it can bring down the quality of your overall look and make you look less desirable than you want.

Splurge on Shoes

Well made shoes don’t have to cost $1000. In fact, we aren’t even suggesting you go out and spend $795 on a pair of Jimmy Choos (love those) but we are suggesting that you skip the $17 pair of pumps and go for the $150 pair. Yes, it’s a lot of money. But hear us out; you spend $150 on a pair of well-made classic black pumps right now and you will not buy another pair for a decade. Spent $30 on a cheap pair and you’ll need four more pair before the year is out if you wear them a few times a week. That’s $150 in black pumps over the course of a year. Add up the next 10 years and you’ll spend $1,500 on dozens of pairs of black pumps when you could have splurged now and kept the same timeless, classic pair for much longer.

Accessories Make an Outfit

At the end of the day, people are going to notice your accessories more than your actual clothes. There’s something about a great pair of shoes, a great handbag and great jewelry that is immediately noticeable. These items can make a $10 dress look downright classic and elegant. The same cannot be said for a cheap pair of shoes. Pair cheap pumps with a cheap dress and you’ll just end up looking cheap.

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