What Buyers Need to Know about K and G Fashion


Most people love the idea of wearing name brand and designer clothing, but those same people are not willing to pay the asking price for these items. That’s where discount superstores come in handy. When you think about places such as K and G Fashion, you think about discount name brand clothing for the family. You can pick up your favorite brands, your favorite items and you can pay a price that’s nowhere near the regular retail prices, which means a nice closet and a nice wallet. But that’s not the end of the story. Just because you can find things here that are made by famous brand names does not mean they are all that they are cracked up to be. Sure, stores like this advertise that their apparel and accessories are extras from department stores, and sometimes they are; but not all the time. Here are a few pieces of pertinent advice for those who want to shop at places like K and G Fashion that can help you get the best deal.

Sizing Mishaps

A lot of clothing that ends up at discount warehouses is mis-sized. This means that you can’t just grab things from the rack and take them home. You should try everything on since some of it is guaranteed to have the incorrect size located on it.

Made for Warehouse Materials

Another well-kept fashion industry secret is that not all clothes in stores like this comes from your local Macys or Nordstrom. Some of it is made by designers out of lesser quality materials so that it can be sold at these stores only. You’ll want to watch out for this, as well.

Stains and Imperfections

Some of the clothing here is here because it is not perfect. Check the sizes, the material and even the stitching to ensure that everything here is made correctly and that it is not imperfect before you pay the price.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Coachella


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