Bringing Summer Fashion Into Fall Fashion Ensembles

Summer is over and fall is in full swing. While you’ve been waiting months to wear your leggings and boots and scarves, once the fall novelty wears off you’re going to realize you miss some of your summer staples. That mint sundress and those gorgeous lightweight Capri pants really are fabulous and not being able to wear them again for a few months suddenly seems sad. Here are three ways you can take your summer favorites into fall without looking like someone dressed inappropriately for the weather.

Layer Blazers

Days when it’s not freezing but it’s not warm enough to wear a dress without anything else calls for a blazer. Blazers can help you take your maxi dresses from summer to fall with a sophisticated and chic look. Pair a solid black blazer over that mint maxi and tie on a scarf. You’ll look instantly boho chic and ready to tackle the cool breeze and the warm-ish afternoons.

Shrunken sweaters

In the fall it’s all about oversize sweaters, boots and leggings. However, if you still want to wear those longs skirts, it’s time to think about shrunken sweaters. They’ll pair perfectly with those high-waist skirts and a pair of boots or ballet flats. You’ll look sophisticated and cool, and even better; you’ll get to keep wearing your favorite long skirts for a few additional months.


While they aren’t for everyone, there are a number of women who can seriously rock a jumpsuit. If you’re one of them, don’t worry that it’ll sit in the back of your closet for the next four or five months. Throw it on with a cardigan, a leather jacket or a blazer and check out how chic you look. It’s a simple way to take an otherwise lightweight pants outfit and turn it into something more fall-appropriate.

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