Breaking Down the Misconceptions about New York Fashion

New York City

Believe it or not, not everyone who lives in New York City is Carrie Bradshaw. In fact, many of the people that call the Big Apple home are just regular people like you and me with the exception of the fact that they probably don’t all drive as often or as far as those of us in other areas of the world – unless they live outside of Manhattan. With that said, New York fashion is something of a misconception. Stop the next 10 people you see and ask them how New Yorkers dress and they’re going to say, “In black,” even though this is so not the truth. Why is it that so many people assume New York residents live in black as if they are in mourning at all hours of the day? I will never know this. I know that I travel to NYC regularly, and I see no more black on these streets than I do down here in Florida (where people assume black is forbidden). So with that said, we thought we’d break down a little bit of the truth about New York fashion for those unfamiliar with it.

Tennis Shoes and Flats Happen

Just because you see someone in a wrap dress, stockings and tennis shoes or flats does not make them unfashionable or totally tacky. Guess what? They probably had to walk 10 blocks and either wanted to do so comfortably or they didn’t want to get their killer heels stuck in the many things they can get stuck in while walking through the city. Trust me; 99 percent of those women have killer heels in their bags. The other 1%, however, is not in my realm of understanding.

Not Everyone Wears Black

There is no more black here than anywhere else. People in New York like black as much as people in San Francisco and Miami, and they also love color with the same degree of passion. Maybe you’re just used to seeing black coats in the cold winter? Who knows.

Not All NYC Residents are in Fashion

This is the other fashion misconception people have about NYC. Not everyone works for a fashion magazine or does the whole Devil Wears Prada thing. Some do. Some don’t. Some people teach. Some wait tables. Some work from home, others are parents, some are in television and some have jobs we probably know little to nothing about.

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