The Best People to Rock Mohawk Styles


Why do we all spend so much time judging people for their hairstyle choices? Why do we all care so much how others wear their hair and why do we feel it’s appropriate to categorize them in a manner that is usually way off base judging solely by their hair? I mean, let’s be honest; half the time (or more) we are all right when we categorize someone based on the appearance of their hair, but sometimes we are just not all that correct. For example, did you know that not everyone rocking Mohawk styles rides skateboards and uses drugs? Sometimes people who rock the Mohawk do it just because they actually like the way it looks, and it’s not really any of our business. Though we do think that the Mohawk style is a little bit cuter on some people than it is on others, and we have some suggestions as to people who can really rock a Mohawk better than anyone else.

Little Boys

We love a little boy with a Mohawk. It’s cute and it’s adorable, and it’s something that we think you cannot get enough of. Parents who allow their little ones to rock this style are pretty cool in the eyes of other kids and even some other parents. Let’s hear it for those who are changing the way we view this hair style.

Birthday Babies

Perhaps I’m biased, but when my boy/girl twins celebrated their first birthday two weeks ago, we gave them little frosting Mohawks with all the frosting they had in their hair from their smash cakes. And there is no photo more adorable than the one of them sitting in their high chairs covered in pink and blue frosting each with their respective pink/blue Mohawk.

Cool People

We love anyone on a beach with a Mohawk – as well as rock stars. It just works for them, so we encourage them to rock the style and make it their own anytime they feel like it. Mohawks are for cool people. Anyone with the confidence to rock this look should, because it makes them even cooler in our eyes.

Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images


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