Best Clothing Shops For Those Older Than 20 And Younger Than 50

When you are in between 20 and 50 it seems as if your choices for clothing are slim pickins’.   The clothing in most stores seems either too old or too young.  You don’t want to look like a granny but you don’t want to look like a teenager either.  After dealing with frustration over this issue, I set about on a quest to find clothing shops that offer choices I feel comfortable at wearing at my ripe old age of 34.

Dressbarn is one of my favorite clothing shops.  I buy almost all of my dresses here.  They have beautiful clothing that is on the dressier side.  Though they have some casual options, you are more likely to find clothing here for office attire.

Maurices is another one I like.  Now, Maurices can tend to look a little young with their screen tees but if you stay with the more basic options, you will be fine.  They also have really cute sunglasses and handbags.

American Eagle, but proceed with caution.  Overall, I think American Eagle is too young for those of us who are now driving minivans but there is one exception and that is their jeans.  AE has the best jeans I have ever found for the price that they are.  They fit great and are at a reasonable price.

Walmart is where I go for my basic yoga pants and tees.  I really like their Danskin line of clothing.  It is affordable and wears well. This is what you will find me in on any given day that I get to stay home. is a shop that offers quirky vintage clothing for those of us who have a love affair with the 40s, and that would be me.  I love their options in tops.  They are so feminine and romantic.

Hopefully, you will feel less overwhelmed next time you need to shop for clothing for yourself.


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