The Best Clothing Colors For Each Woman’s Specific Hair Color

Choosing clothing can be very confusing when it comes to trying to figure out what the best clothing colors are for you in combination with your hair color. You know what colors you like and you know when you see clothing that you like but do you know the best combination of color for each hair color? If not, this will quickly shine some light on the subject for you. While this does not take into account the shade of your skin, it is a good general guide for what colors that you should choose to flatter yourself.

If you are a blonde, the best clothing colors for you are usually in the pastel family. Think pinks, blues, purple and occasionally you can get by with a mint green. You can usually wear black, white and gray well. Jewel tones such as deep violets and navy are also a good choice in clothing colors for you. What you will want to avoid is earth tones. Shades of brown, taupe and creams are not the best colors for you.

For the fair-skinned redhead, earth tones are the best colors for her to wear. The colors of brown, taupe and cream will work perfectly for her and compliment her well. Sometimes redheads can get by with wearing black but most don’t look their best in white or gray. They can usually wear colors that match their eye color such as a blue or green. Orange and yellow also works well for redheads.

The best clothing colors for brunettes are usually bright color choices such as reds, greens, and some oranges and purples. The contrast against their dark hair makes a lovely picture. In addition, brunettes are usually lucky in that they can wear black, gray, white, cream and brown. All neutrals seem to work for them.

Of course, this is just a guideline of the colors that work best most of the time. May factors go into determining the best clothing colors for a woman including her skin tone and eye color.


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