Appropriate Summer Style for the Office

The summer season is a lot of things; simple should be one of them, but it isn’t always. Women who work outside of the home find that summer is a difficult time of year to get dressed for work. Since your boss and colleagues probably won’t be overly impressed by your swimsuit and short shorts, you need to figure out what goes and what doesn’t go in the office this summer.  Here are some tips for your summer style.

White Top

The classic long sleeve white button up is an office staple. Choose one this summer that has shorter sleeves and make a statement. You’ll always look crisp and cool, especially when you pair it with a pencil skirt.

Flip Flops

Unless you are a lifeguard or a mom taking her kids on field trip to the beach do not wear flip flops to the office. Inappropriate, unprofessional and immature is the vibe you give off wearing flip flops in a professional office.


Color is great, especially in the summer. Don’t be afraid to go bright and bold in the office. A navy wrap dress with mint green shoes and tangerine jewelry makes a statement that says, “I’m professional and stylish, and I welcome summer.”

Don’t Go Bare

It’s hot and you’re hot, but that doesn’t mean you can start showing more skin at the office. Tank tops, spaghetti straps and too much cleavage and/or leg is not appropriate in the office, no matter how hot the temperature. Keep cool by wearing professional items in cool fabrics, such as linen and silk.


Summer is the perfect time to try and open up your work wardrobe by carrying a vibrant color bag or laptop case. You can have fun with your accessories, and choosing accessories in bright, sturdy colors will make you look professional and chic. Just be sure to avoid crazy patterns and too many bright colors on your bag all at once.


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