Add a Touch of Elegance to Your 1920s Style Dresses with These Tips


The 1920s were one of the most beautiful decades in terms of fashion. The flapper style, the pearls and the elegance of this decade had such an impact on the world of fashion and style that we’re still seeing that impact today. When a woman dresses herself today, she often wonders how she can capture a bit of the glamour and elegance that were so famous in the 20s, and use it to create a look that is gorgeous for any event or occasion.

With that in mind, it’s easy to get the look wrong. The 1920s were all about glamour and chic elegance, and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out just how to pull that off. Fortunately, with just few small tips, you can figure out just how to pull off a glam 1920s look that’s complete with style and elegance that’s simple and not too overwhelming. The key is to remember the basics, and to go from there.

1920s Style Dresses

The easiest way to take a page from the 1920s is to find a dress that has a bit of the decade’s flair. The trick here is to find a dress that’s not fitted to your body. You want one that has a bit of room, like a flapper style. A shift dress is a great way to make this happen. Choose one that has a lower neckline and a long hemline and a bit of lace. It’s the perfect style to bring back the 20s.

Minimize Your Accessories

Someone completely fashionable and fabulous once said that you should always take off the last piece of jewelry you put on and then leave the house because now you’re ready. It’s the best way to accessorize without going overboard, and we completely agree. The best way to keep this look minimal and simple – the look in the 20s – is to skip all the extras and stick with a long strand of pearls or an armful of bracelets. It’s one or the other – never both.

Red Lips Make the Difference

The key to real 1920s style is a gorgeous red lip. Whether it’s a deep merlot or a bright red, you have to pick the color that best suits your look and your style. Red lips are lovely and ladylike, and they add a bit of pizzazz to any ensemble.

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