How to Achieve Savvy Southern Style with Ease

southern style

Southern girls know how to dress like a lady and make sure they always look phenomenal. And I don’t say that as a southern woman myself. I say that as a woman who knows that there is nothing more attractive that a soft southern accent (which I do not have) and a well-dressed woman with a brain, a sense of humor and a big, crazy family behind her. Something about being born and raised in the south makes you understand that there is more to fashion than just designer labels – not that we don’ t love those – and black. Here in the south, we have something we like to call savvy southern style, and it’s far easier to achieve than anyone imagines. If you’re looking to accomplish that gorgeous look southern women seem to possess so naturally, you’re going to need just a bit of advice from a woman born and raised in Florida – where it’s not quite the south but it is the south.

Monogram Everything

I mean that; everything. You have a signature cup, you have a signature wine glass, you have a signature beach towel, beach tote and even a floppy beach hat. And they all boast your monogram. In the same color and in the same style; because otherwise it’s not appropriate.

Wear White

We don’t believe in that old ‘no white after Labor Day,’ deal and I’ll tell you why. This is the south; it’s too warm not to wear white. Wear it as often as you can. We love white. It’s fresh and gorgeous and fun. Best of all, it’s elegant and always appropriate.

Big Hair is Good

We’re not talking Texas from the 1980s big hair, here. We are talking about the kind of hair you see on the Victoria’s Secret Angels. It’s long, it’s lush and it’s always a bit bigger than everyone else’s. It’s chic, and it is completely appropriate in the south.

Pearls are Always Appropriate

And there you have it; I need not say another word. Savvy southern style understands the importance of good pearls and their appropriateness everywhere you go – from the supermarket to church.

Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Maserati


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