How to Achieve Cowgirl Style with Cowboy Boots


One of the biggest trends in fashion right now has to do with cowgirl style; the country look that’s a bit casual and pretty, feminine and fun and something that a lot of women and girls are trying to emulate at the moment. It’s a good look for some, and it’s not for others. The look is something that can be made to look a little silly if not done correctly, and it’s something that a lot of women will avoid because they are just not certain how to make it work for them and how to make it look good. The look is very particular, and one of the simplest ways to achieve this look is through the use of cowboy boots. But how do you style them so that they look chic and not silly? Sometimes the distinction is difficult, but we can help you discern what looks good and what does now when it comes to creating this look and this style.

Jeans and Boots

The easiest way to wear cowboy boots for this particular country style is to pair them with daze organic cotton denim jeans. The look you’re going for, however, is very skinny jeans and a fun top. You can make this look girly and fun or you can go more casual with boots and a tee shirt with your skinny jeans. Just make sure to go skinny and tuck them in.

A Dress and Boots

A fun and flirty way to rock the boots is with a sundress. This should not be a tight dress; but something with an empire waistline that looks flirty and fun. The look is going to garner a lot of attention, and it’s going to be even more fun if you pair your dress with a short denim jacket right now while the weather is still cool – or when it’s spring and the weather is cool.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images


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