5 Summer Clothing Items You Must Have

Summer’s coming and with it summer clothing. One of the most fun parts of summer is the fashion you can have with summer clothing. Yes, we all love our boots and cute little scarf sets and pea coats but don’t we get tired of being bundled up? Summer clothing is just easier and so much more stylish.

There are five summer clothing items you simply must have in your closet. If you have them, you can practically mix and match to your heart’s content.

One, a pair of jeans that make you look like a million bucks. You know the kind. You put them on and feel instantly attractive. Your belly disappears and you discover you actually have a cute figure.

Two, a comfy little top. It can be a a shirt like those high quality sorority shirts, a cami, a tank or even one with sleeves. What you are looking for is something trendy and fun. The point is it looks good with skirts, slacks or those jeans. See number one.

Three, a casual sundress. Sundresses are great for backyard barbeques, dates, errands, and even church if you throw a little bolero or shrug on with it. A comfy but cute sundress can take you many places.

Four, sandals that will dress up or down. You want a pair that is dressy enough for nights out at the swanky restaurant on the corner but casual enough for visiting grandma. And while you’re at it, give yourself a pedicure.

And lastly, five, a perfect pair of shorts. Shorts can be fun and versatile. The key is to remember who you are and what looks best on you. Shorter women should go for shorter varieties, just mind your age.  Unless you’re a teenager, forgo the three inch inseams. Go for khakis or denim for the most versatile choices.

These summer clothing choices will take you all throughout the season.


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