3 Fall Wardrobe Staples You Must Have

The temperature is dropping, which means it’s time to break out your fall wardrobe. Goodbye sundresses and tank tops; hello holiday weather! Aside from being the best season of the year, it’s the most fun season of the year for fashion. The weather is comfortable, layers work every day and fashion can be played with, tweaked and changed to meet your every move. Here are the three fall fashion favorites you just have to have in your closet this season.

Infinity Scarf

There is nothing more fun and practical than an infinity scarf this fall. It’s easy to wear, comfortable and its circular shape eliminates awkward styling and falling scarf knots. Just fold it, slip it on and go. If you can’t get one in every color try to get one in a neutral shade and one in a bold shade. I’d recommend a camel color and a bold red, tangerine or aqua. You can wear it with everything from dresses to jeans. It is the perfect fall accessory.


You simply cannot go through fall without a blazer. Pair it with jeans and a tee and tall boots for a fun daytime look. Change out your boots for ballet flats for a bit of a dressier look or dress it up completely with a pair of heels and evening jewelry for a night on the town with your favorite people. When you get too warm, just take it off and enjoy the rest of your ensemble.

Tall Boots in Cognac

Every woman needs a pair of tall boots in a shade of cognac. They go with everything from dresses to skinny jeans. You’ll need these when you take the kids to pumpkin patch, when you head to the farmers market and when you just want to create a look that’s both stylish and pulled together.


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