15 Stylish Wardrobe Essentials You Need For Fall Of 2013


Fall of 2013 has lots of fun fashion trends and here is the scoop on the wardrobe essentials that you are going to want the most.  I don’t know about you, but when the calendar turns to August, I start thinking about cozy sweaters, boots and all things fall-ish I need for my wardrobe essentials.  This list gives you in the know information about the wardrobe essentials that you are going to want the most.  You can learn what is up and coming for this fall and start making your wish list now to have on hand when you hit the mall in the upcoming weeks.  One great thing about the fall of 2013 season trends is that many are carryovers from summer or even last winter so chances are, you already have some of them.

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1. Riding Boots

Riding boots are going to be everywhere this fall so if you haven’t got yourself a pair yet, it is time to do purchase this wardrobe essential.  They come in several different colors but the basic brown seems to be the most popular.  They are worn with practically everything, from dresses to tunics with leggings to jeans which is one reason they are so popular.  They are very versatile and stylish and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I have seen them everywhere and you can get a pair for a small amount of money or if you want to invest a little more, go for a pair of Frye boots which are top of the line, extremely on trend and made with quality workmanship.

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2. A Statement Necklace

These little darling necklaces are gorgeous and most likely you already own several.  You can transition them from an accessory you wore with your casual sundresses to wearing them with your solid long sleeve t shirts and sweaters.  These are adorable little accessories that can be purchased for a small amount at practically any costume jewelry shop to add to your wardrobe essentials.  You can probably find them in the accessory section of your favorite clothing store as well.  Many celebrities have been spotted wearing them including Eva Mendes, Heidi Klum and Reese Witherspoon.

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3. Scarves,  Scarves & More Scarves

Our love affair with scarves continues, aren’t you thrilled?  You can simply pull them back out of your closet from last season and/or shop for some new ones to give you a never worn before look.  Scarves go with anything which is probably why we love them so much and they are staying around awhile longer in the list of wardrobe essentials.  You can wear them with solids, dresses and a number of different outfits.  They are versatile enough to go with a casual outfit of jeans and long sleeve tees or a suit for the office.  You can even mix up how you wear your scarves.  You can wear your favorite scarf as a belt or a hair accessory to set off your outfit.

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4. The Denim Vest Or Jacket

Denim is back in a big way and commanding their way onto the list of wardrobe essentials.  You can wear your denim vest as an added layer over tops or dresses ad the denim jacket is perfect to add to an outfit for added style and warmth.  When temperatures start dropping, we all want to look for the warmer clothing that still looks fashionable and this meets the criteria.  You can also pair a denim jacket with a summer tank that you aren’t quite ready to pack away yet.  Denim vests and jackets can be worn with denim on bottom, khakis, skirts and even dress pants if you work the outfit correctly.

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5. Embellished Pocket Jeans

Embellished pocket jeans are the latest and greatest trend in jeans and number five on the list of wardrobe essentials you need this fall.  The embellishments come in a variety of designs and are always splashed across the back pockets with flair.  You may find a pair with crosses on the back pockets, or hearts, swirls, stars or rows of rhinestones.  There are some brands that are beloved favorites such as Miss Me and Rock Revival but you can find jeans with embellished pockets at a fraction of the price if you aren’t ready to drop a hundred bucks or more for a pair of jeans just yet.  This isn’t just a trend for young girls, either.  Women of all ages are lining up to try on this wardrobe essential.

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6. Ankle Boots

I know, I know, this is another pair of shoes but it can’t be denied that these are a big wardrobe essential for fall of 2013.  I am not so sure how I feel about them yet but their popularity is undeniable.  They are worn with practically everything from casual looks to dressier attire.  They kind of lend an edgy look to your outfit and are definitely something that those that dress on trend are all over.  If you want to wear something fresh and new, shop for some ankle boots to wear when you have to finally pack away your peep toes and wedges.  Ankle boots are high on the list of wardrobe essentials for fall 2013.

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7. A Metallic Purse

Love it or hate it, metallics are a hot wardrobe essential this fall.  Metallic purses are the item to have and I just purchased mine in perfect pewter.  If you can’t bring yourself to carry a bag that is so eye-catching, you might want to bring metallic into your wardrobe in a smaller way such as a belt, a pair of flats or even a wallet or other small accessory.  One great advantage of metallic purses and accessories is that they are a new neutral so they can easily be pared with anything.  Because they are neutrals, you know that you are going to get enough use out of it to justify purchasing it.  You will thank yourself for purchasing this wardrobe essential.

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8. A Peplum Skirt Or Dress

This darling style may seem new but it is actually a vintage style made new again.  Peplum skirts and dresses were actually first popular in the 1940s.  This is a very feminine style that girly girls are generally drawn to wearing.  It is also a hit with those that love vintage style.  Many women fear wearing this style because they worry that it will cause undue attention to be given to their hips but it actually does the opposite.  It draws attention to the waistline and makes it appear smaller.  Many women find they love the peplum style once they try it on because of this minimizing affect.

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9. Lace Detail

Lace detail is another feminine style that is a wardrobe essential you want to make sure that you have in your closet for fall of 2013.  Lace detail can come in a number of different ways.  You will see lace detail on tops, skirts, dresses as well as flats and heels.  It may be in an overlay or as a sheer lace as part of the clothing item.  This wardrobe essential is very pretty and usually paired with a solid color.  This is a perfect choice for date night because it will make sure your date has no doubt that you are all girl.  You can easily find this wardrobe essential up at a number of different stores in the mall.

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10. Emerald Green Or Coral Anything

The colors to wear for fall are emerald green or coral.  Wear them in any of the wardrobe essentials already mentioned or another of your own creative imagination.  These colors became popular in the spring and are staying with us right through fall.  You probably paired them with white for spring and summer but you can mix it up with browns and blacks for fall and winter.  They will even pair well with tans and nude heels if you aren’t ready to start wearing your really dark colors yet.  Having pieces that transition is wonderful because it gives you a larger wardrobe to work with.

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11. Leopard Print

Leopard print is a fashion that has came and went and came and went and came again.  Be ready to embrace leopard print, and really several other animal prints, this fall.  While there are some clothing items in animal print, you are more likely to see accessories such as headbands or maybe a pair of flats in this print.  If you aren’t a person that wears warm colors well, choose an animal print in shades of black, grey and white.   Leopard print in the traditional pattern generally looks best on redheads and some brunettes while blonds tend to look best in cooler color combinations.

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12. Leggings

Come on gals, let’s be honest.  We do love us some leggings.  They allow us to look fashionable while allowing us to indulge in the feel of yoga pants.  What’s more, they look good on pretty much everyone and are extremely versatile.  Of course, you want to have this wardrobe essential in the basic colors of black, gray and navy but consider pickup up some prints which will allow you to add a solid top to even out your outfit.  This is an especially good trick for those that are insecure about their top half as it pulls the eye to the bottom.  Leggings usually pair up best with flats but can also be worn with boots.

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13. Dolman Sleeve Tops

Dolman sleeves are a sleeve that has a wider cut between the shoulder and the elbow which adds a bit of extra fabric and produces an end result of a cute top.  Dolmans sleeve tops are often shirts that have three-quarter length sleeves which makes them perfect for that transitional time between warm and cold weather.  On the subject of sleeves, don’t pack away your flutter sleeve tops just yet.  These can easily be worn into fall if you layer a long sleeve t underneath them.  This is a really cute look which will give the advantage of another wardrobe extension to give you more options to choose from.

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14. Stripes

This one surprised me.  I typically think of stripes as an early spring and summer print but page after page of fashions I researched for this article assured me that stripes are indeed going to be an it item to have on the list of fall wardrobe essentials for this season.  It is a fun and excitingly new trend to try on for fall.  It has all the making for a casual look with a pair of jeans and flats or even running shoes.  This is sure to be a wardrobe essential you pull out for Saturday morning errands or your kids sporting events.  This is an easy piece to work into your wardrobe that you can have fun with.

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15. Lip Butters

These new lip products come under other names too, such as Color Whispers, the deal on this new product is that it is a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss.  It offers all of the pigment of a lipstick with a moist finish like a gloss but without any of the stickiness a gloss leaves behind.  These have quickly become my favorite new lip products and I am deeply devoted to them.  Fall is only going to bring the popularity of these unique lip balms farther because of the rich moisture that they will offer to dry winter lips.  They help your lips look healthier and more attractive as well.

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