15 Stunning Hair Colors For Your Summer Look This Year


As the sun shines brighter and the days become longer, it’s time to refresh your look with a unique summer hair color. Several options include soft, sun-kissed blondes and vibrant, head-turning hues. Here are 15 summer hair colors to suit different tastes and complexion.

Sun-Kissed Blonde


Sun-kissed blonde hair will brighten your face and evoke visions of days spent by the beach. To achieve this demeanor, consider adding highlights or a complete balayage technique. Highlights mimic the natural lighting effects of the sun, creating a blend of lighter and darker styles. For a low-maintenance option, balayage offers a hand-painted technique that gives a sun-drenched effect.

Honey Blonde


Go for the honey blonde if you need a luscious, inviting shade that exudes warmth and radiance. Its rich, golden hues capture the essence of bright summer days, making it the perfect choice for enhancing your natural glow. The tone beautifully adds to the sun-kissed skin, adding depth and dimension to any complexion.

Rose Gold

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More than just a hair color, rose gold is a fashion statement that demonstrates elegance and sophistication. This trendy option beautifully blends shades of pink and gold, ensuring a mesmerizing hue that adds a romantic touch to your summer style. Picture strands infused with delicate rose undertones, catching the sunlight and casting a soft, ethereal glow.

Platinum Blonde

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Platinum blonde symbolizes boldness, offering a striking, head-turning style that commands attention. As the light catches your hair, it shimmers with a fantastic brilliance, illuminating your features and adding brightness to your overall appearance. This tint, however, requires commitment and upkeep, as maintaining its pristine shade involves regular salon visits and specialized treatments.

Caramel Brown


This gorgeous hue mixes deep, velvety brown tones with subtle caramel highlights, creating a multi-dimensional look that dazzles in the sunlight. As the sun rays dance through your hair, the caramel undertones glisten, adding luminosity to your locks. Caramel brown enhances several skin colorations, enhancing natural beauty with its soft, sultry allure.

Sandy Brown


Sandy brown, a lighter brown shade infused with delicate hints of blonde, produces an expression reminiscent of beaches and warm summer days. It adds richness to your locks and exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe that complements any summer ensemble. This color’s elegance makes it a go-to choice for those seeking a quiet transformation this season.


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This delightful, whimsical shade infuses your hair with a soft, peachy glow reminiscent of juicy, ripe fruits. Peach instantly brings warmth to your hair and complements different complexions with its pastel undertones. You can customize it in varied ways, including a sketchy hint of peachy hues or an all-out bold, vibrant demeanor.



Lavender, a pastel shade reminiscent of blooming fields, offers a whimsical feel to your summer style. It evokes tranquility and femininity, making it perfect for those seeking to add a subtle and captivating allure to their appearance. Several complexions complement this hair color, creating a beautiful complement that captures the season’s essence.

Seafoam Green


Resembling the foam that dances atop the water’s surface, seafoam green evokes images of gentle waves lapping against sandy shores. The color blends soft green and delicate blue, turning heads and transporting you to seaside bliss. Using it on your hair will create an effect similar to dipping in the crystal-clear waters of a tropical paradise.



Drawing inspiration from the soft, warm coloration that paints the sunset sky, coral hair communicates fancy and vibrancy. A combination of pink, orange, and peach inspires joy and relaxation. You can opt for a hint of coral highlights or dive into a full-on coral transformation, infusing your face with a dose of summer magic.

Strawberry Blonde

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With strawberry blonde, you can recreate the look of ripe strawberries glistening in the sun. As an ideal option for transforming your with a touch of emotion and vibrancy, the color shade produces a radiant and youthful countenance. Additionally, the versatile shade fits many hair textures, making it a perennial favorite for the sunny season ahead.

Cherry Red


Try imagining the color of luscious, ripe cherries glistening in the summer sun, and you’ll get a sense of the vibrancy this color brings to your locks. More than a hair shade, cherry red expresses individuality; its rich tones create an instant drama. Unleash your inner fire by experimenting with the glossy finish or matte texture.

Buttercream Blondie


Featuring warm undertones similar to freshly churned butter, buttercream blonde merges perfectly with shades of pale blonde to create a multi-dimensional outline. With its subtle yet radiant expression, this hair tint adds elegance to any hairstyle. Its gentle warmth evokes feelings of summer sunshine, making it the perfect idea for those seeking a luminous hair transformation.

Ash Brown


As a neutral base, ash brown complements various skin tones and stands out for its soft, muted expression. It offers endless possibilities for enhancing your hair’s texture, offering sleek, straight styles or tousled waves. Moreover, this versatile color can effortlessly elevate any countenance, making it an excellent choice for summer and beyond.

Midnight Blue


Midnight blue, a sultry and enchanting shade, captures the essence of summer nights with its deep, mysterious allure. This rich and intense hue, imitating the starlit sky and the ocean depths, is ideal for anyone craving a bold appearance. Furthermore, this hue adds a touch of drama and intrigue to any occasion and leaves a lasting impression.


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