15 Signs You Have Zero Fashion Sense Whatsoever


Fashion sense is a silly term; your sense of fashion is something that is highly personal to you. Your style is something that no one else can take, and it’s something that only you can make work. As someone who loves fashion, I have my own set of beliefs that may or may not mirror the beliefs of others when it comes to fashion. However, one of the beliefs that I have is one I consider universal; it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you can rock it and make it your own. Confidence is the best kind of accessory there is. Therefore, it does not matter if you rock designer clothes from head to toe; if you do not feel good and confident in what you wear, you will not look good. Additionally, you can wear clothes that came straight from the bin at the local thrift shop that are not designer labels and rock them with so much confidence that every other woman in the room wants to look like you. It all depends on you. But at the same time, people without confidence have very little style and fashion sense. And we have a few signs that you might be someone who needs to work a bit harder on your fashion sense to feel a bit more put together and chic. Here are the biggest signs that you have no fashion sense whatsoever.

You Have no Confidence

The biggest and most important thing about fashion and style is confidence. If you have no self-confidence, you have no style or fashion sense. You have no confidence, you don’t look good. It’s that simple.

You Own a Fanny Pack

Anyone that owns a fanny pack is a fashion senseless human being. And if you wear it, it’s even worse. Please make it stop.

You do not Own Black Pumps

All women with style own a pair of classic black pumps. They’re not too short, they’re not too high. They are just right in the 3 to 4 inch range, they have a closed toe and a closed heel and they are all kinds of classic.

You Have no LBD

No self-respecting fashionista is without a little black dress. This is a dress that is classic, elegant and not trendy. It’s not short, but it’s not long. It’s not revealing, but it’s now dowdy. It’s just sexy and chic enough to make you feel like a model and it can be worn anywhere.

You Think White Wash Jeans are Stylish

They’re not, and they have not been since the early 90s. Please do not encourage this look to come back and please do not wear these, ever.

Shoulder Pads are your Middle Name

If you’re still rocking your 80s shoulder pads, you also left your fashion sense back there. And since we’re almost certain none of us had any fashion sense in those days, it’s kind of questionable all around.

You Wear Sneakers Daily

We have no issue with sneakers, but they’re not fashionable. They’re for working out. If you’re working out, wear them. If you’re not, don’t wear them.

You Show too Much Skin

It’s a fashion rule; you show off one body part. You can go short hemline on a gorgeous dress, but cover your chest and arms. If you choose to go with a low cut neckline, make sure that dress is long enough to cover everything else.

You Match from Head to Toe

No one matches from head to toe. Unless you’re in all black and then it’s all right. But being too matchy-matchy is a sure sign you have no fashion sense whatsoever.

You have No Idea the Difference between Brown and Cognac

This is crucial. Both are neutral colors, but one is going to go with everything and one should be very carefully chosen when paired with certain things. Learn the difference and make it a habit to choose cognac over brown.

You Wear Only Trends

One of the biggest fashion faux pas in the world is only going with trends. As a general rule, we feel that being trendy is overrated. Trends come and go and classic elegance never goes out of style. We like to indulge and invest in statement pieces that are classics that will never go out of style, but some people prefer to wear every single trend in the world in one day. It’s okay to wear some trendy things, but pair them with classic styles to look good.

You Over-Accessorize

There is a rule that you should remove the last item of jewelry you put on before you leave the house, and it’s so true. You should never over accessories. We like to say that you can pick a place and go there. This means big, bold earrings do not call for bold necklaces and bracelets. A statement necklace is perfect when paired with studs (pearls or diamonds) and simple arm candy.

You Consider Yoga Pants Dressing Up

Yoga pants go with tennis shoes. And where do tennis shoes and yoga pants go? To the gym – or the park to walk, or the hiking trails to hike, or the street to run. What we are saying is that they do not go out in public – ever.

You Wear Sweats

If you wear sweats out of the house, you probably have no sense of fashion. Otherwise, your sense would tell you that you shouldn’t even own sweats when there are things so much cuter and more stylish in the world.

You Don’t Know Jackie O.

If you aren’t familiar with Jackie O. as a fashion icon, you are missing out. She’s someone to whom we can all look up to. She was always classic, elegant, feminine and gorgeous. She always dressed perfectly for the occasion, looks sexy and lovely and she was always on point. She’s the epitome of style and every woman with any sense of style and/or fashion knows this like the back of her hand.

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