15 Iconic Men’s Hairstyles from the 1970s

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The most popular style for men in the 1970s was long and flowing hair, which marked a significant departure from the short haircuts of previous decades. Facial hair, particularly mustaches, also gained popularity during this era. Let’s look at 15 hairstyles men rocked during Elton John’s era. 

The Shag

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The effortless Shag was perfect for the laid-back 70s vibe. It worked with any hair length or type, making it a versatile choice for men who wanted a relaxed, easy-to-maintain style. Stars like Mick Jagger wore the Shag, as seen in music videos like “Angie” and “Miss You.”

Feathered Hairstyle

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If there was a layered look that added movement and texture to men’s hair, it was the feathered cut. It also helped control and shape thicker hair, creating a stylish, piecey look. David Cassidy of The Partridge Family was a famous example of this hairstyle.


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This iconic style required serious hair length, but the payoff was worth it. With most of the volume concentrated on top, the pompadour crafted a theatrical, eye-catching silhouette that was excellent for making a statement. Freddie Mercury, of Queen, rocked this hairstyle in music videos like “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Bowl Cut


Whether you have light blonde hair or dark locks, the bowl cut could be customized to suit your features. It was an adaptable haircut that worked with various hair lengths, textures, face shapes, and styles. John Lennon of The Beatles sported this during their early years.


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Billy Ray Cyrus popularized the mullet in music videos like “Achy Breaky Heart.” This distinctive look featured shorter hair on top that gradually lengthened toward the nape, creating a unique, two-toned effect. Often combed back, the mullet added a touch of sophistication to an otherwise edgy look. 

Long Hairstyle with Hat

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Men in the 70s weren’t afraid to let their hair flow, and the long hairstyle with a hat was a stylish way to keep it under control. The look was about accepting your natural texture and adding a stylish, curly, or straight accessory. Jim Morrison of The Doors often used this style during live performances.

Punk Hair

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The punk movement was a statement on rebellion, and the updo reflected that. Spiky, messy, and often dyed punk hair allowed men to express themselves and push boundaries. Johnny Rotten, of the Sex Pistols, was a famous specimen of this coif, seen in music videos like “Anarchy in the U.K.”

Rock Hairstyle

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Axl Rose’s legendary look in Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” music video is pure “rock” style! This coiffure features uneven layers and razor-cut ends for a dynamic, piecey look. Add some styling cream for a rockstar swagger that elevates any man’s style.

Short Cut

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Pun intended! The “short cut” was about balance, with short bangs and a long nape creating a stylish contrast. Sideburns added a touch of sophistication, making this look flawless for men who wanted a neat, put-together style. Paul McCartney of The Beatles wore this coif during their later years.

Jheri Curls


Jheri curls were designed for men who wanted a loose, flowing, or wavey look. It was also fashionable and stress-free. Hair oil or curl shape cream kept the curls defined and healthy-looking. Michael Jackson popularized these curls in music videos like “Thriller.”

Black Men Hairstyle

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The 70s were all about endorsing natural makeup, and black men’s hair was no exception. A thick afro symbolized pride and identity, and men like Jimi Hendrix made it a cultural icon.

Bob Marley’s Dreads

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Dreads were a staple of the retro counterculture, and Bob Marley made them famous. Low maintenance and always stylish, dreads could be worn loose or pulled back into a man bun, making them a versatile choice for men with long hair.

Short Afro

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Sidney Poitier often adorned the short afro in the movie, “In the Heat of the Night.” The haircut gave the gentlemen a clean and trendy tint. Tapered sides added a touch of sophistication, making the short afro an excellent choice for men with different face shapes and styles.


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These were the ultimate accessory, adding a touch of sophistication to any haircut. Long and proud, sideburns often extended down to the jawline, creating a stylish, rugged effect. Elvis Presley was a famous example of this hairstyle, usually seen in music performances and movies like “Jailhouse Rock.”

Beehive Hairstyle


Andre Agassi, the tennis star, boldly sported the beehive updo in tournaments and ads. This daring, eye-catching style was perfect for those who wanted to make a statement. With teased hair at the crown adding volume and height, it was a dramatic, attention-grabbing look that exuded confidence.


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