Fashion Pieces Worth the Money

I have a killer closet full of my favorite designers, and for that reason people are always shocked when they ask me where I purchased a certain piece of clothing and I answer with something other than Saks or Neiman Marcus. See, I do like to spend money on my clothing, shoes, and handbags, but I don’t always spend the big bucks on everything. Some things are better left to the sales rack or the trendy teeny bopper stores. However, there are a few pieces that I would never, ever pick up on the cheap. Some pieces are investment pieces. Here are the things you should always splurge on.

A Simple LBD

If you want to go trendy, go less expensive. What’s here today is gone tomorrow in the world of trends. This means you should invest in a LBD only if it is a timeless piece that won’t be considered too trendy tomorrow. A classic black sheath is a great option because it will still be elegant and lovely 10 years down the road. You’ll get your money’s worth out of this LBD.

White Dress Shirt

Always buy your white dress shirts from a good designer whose items are well-made, and then have it tailored to fit. You’ll wear this with everything from nice jeans to a suit, so you want to make sure it always looks good. Cheaper materials will wear and begin to look thin: Avoid this at all costs.

Cashmere Sweaters

Nothing is more comfortable, elegant, and sophisticated than cashmere. Buy your sweaters in cashmere for a look that screams classic beauty.

Pencil Skirt

You will wear this skirt today, tomorrow, and 15 years down the road. It’s classic, elegant, and it never goes out of style. Buying an expensive designer pencil skirt ensures that yours will still look brand-new 10 years down the road.


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