Far Aways Friends: Making Long Distance Friendships Work

One of the most heartbreaking things that could ever happen is the occasion when a close friend moves away. I’m not talking about to the next street or three miles down the road; I’m talking far, far away. Like another state. Or another country. Or across this country. When your close friend moves, it is difficult. How do you maintain a long distance friendship? It’s not always easy. There might be jealousy when you start becoming closer to other friends or she starts talking about all her new friends; you might think you’re being replaced and she might feel the same way. However, there are ways you can maintain your friendship if you put forth the effort.

Make Contact

Don’t simply rely on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with your friend. You need to text and you need to plan personal conversations on the phone. Do you both love Grey’s Anatomy? Then plan a date every Thursday night to buy the same bottle of wine, eat the same meal, and watch Grey’s over the phone. Doing everything alike will help you feel like you’re in the same room, like things haven’t changed.

Don’t Wait

If you want to talk to your friend, call her. Don’t wait until your prescheduled conversation this weekend. Call her now. Treat her like she still lives right down the street. You need to talk to her often. Pick up the phone. Send a text. Keep your contact frequent. Waiting a week here and there to talk might turn into two or three weeks here or a month there, and eventually into three or four months and finally, forever.


Just because you don’t live near one another doesn’t mean you can’t visit! She can come see you, you can go see her, you can meet in between, you can pick a destination and book tickets and meet. There’s no reason you cannot see one another as often as possible to maintain your friendship.


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