Signs You and the Kids Need To Take a Break From Each Other


As a parent you probably spend a great deal of time wondering if you spend enough time with your kids and doubting you actually do. Between your million obligations, you probably think you haven’t enough time for your kids and you might find yourself declining invitations and date nights to spend more time at home with the littles. Here’s the good news; you probably spend plenty of time with your kids. If you’re not sure, here are three signs you all need a break from one another (so plan a date night!).

You Haven’t Been on a Date in Months

Some people have babies and think they just can’t leave them. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe they are afraid to. Maybe some parents think that others will label them bad parents if they leave their kids for a few hours to go to dinner. Who cares what other parents think? If you can’t remember the last time you had a little time out with your husband without kids – remember mealtime before you spent most of it picking up crayons and cutting up chicken into tiny pieces and you actually got to eat with both hands – you’re spending too much time together.

You’re Offended When Your Kids Want to Leave

When the kids start asking to go spend the night at a friend’s house, it might be a sign you’re spending too much time together. After all, if they’re happy to get out of your house and spend time with other people every so often, why aren’t you?

Your Friends Stop Inviting You to Girls’ Night

If your girlfriends actually stop inviting you to girls’ night out, it’s probably because you declined entirely too many of them. If they stop inviting you, it’s because you’ve stopped accepting and spend no time with them. They already know you’re going to say no, so they just don’t ask.

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