20 Most Dangerous Toys Of All Time

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Toys are meant for joy, creativity, and fun playtime. But behind their colorful exteriors, some toys carry warnings and stories of danger. Throughout history, several toys have gained popularity not because of entertainment but because of the serious risks they bring along. Here are the 20 most dangerous toys of all time.

Aqua Dots

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Aqua Dots fall under the category of dangerous toys due to a toxic chemical reaction. This toy set contains tiny beads that are to be arranged into patterns and glued together by spraying water. Although the game is safe but if these beads are ingested, they break down into gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a date rape drug.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper


Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper is one of the most dangerous toys ever made. The design of this miniature vehicle toy features sharp, pointy wings. Although their pointed wings were aesthetic for an imaginary spacecraft, they have a history of hurting kids. The sharp edges have left cuts or puncture wounds due to accidents or inappropriate handling.

Moon Shoes


Despite how safe they may appear, Moon Shoes are one of the dangerous toys to be cautious of. Because these shoes lift their owner off the ground with springs (like trampolines), they pose a risk of falls and injuries. The design lacks stability, and users often tend to lose balance and fall. 

Lawn Darts

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Lawn Darts are one of the most common yet dangerous toys in the world. The combination of sharp metal tips and substantial weight makes them unsafe to play with. Given the danger, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urged the destruction of all Lawn Darts. Over 80% of children 15 or younger have been injured by them.

CSI Fingerprint Analysis Kit


Released back in 2007, the CSI Fingerprint Analysis Kit is considered dangerous. These toys contain asbestos, a known carcinogen that may cause lung cancer and mesothelioma. The kit contains a special powder and brushes to dust the tips of fingers while analyzing fingerprints. Toys like these require rigorous safety testing and regulation to prevent risks. 



Because of their unsafe design and risk of severe harm, Clackers come under the category of the most deadly toys. These toys are made of two hard plastic balls on strings. Clakers were supposed to swing to produce a clicking sound. Given how quickly the balls could contact, they can hit fingers and eyes hard, leaving a bad injury behind.

Gilbert Chemistry Set

Joe Mabel – Wikimedia Commons

Sold only between 1950 and 1951, the Gilbert Chemistry Set was one dangerous toy of all time. The toy was meant to develop curiosity and encourage learning about chemistry, but the risks would say otherwise. With uranium-bearing ores, a Geiger-Muller radiation counter, and other samples, it carried high risks.

Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

Tiia Monto – Wikimedia Commons

Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab are the most dangerous toys designed in history. Why? Well, they contain real radioactive elements that release small amounts of radiation (pieces of uranium ore). The toy was meant to educate children about nuclear science. However, the involvement of radioactive materials raised safety concerns.

Slip N Slide

Imokurnotok – Wikimedia Commons

These enjoyable big toys are considered dangerous by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). A wrong move on Slip N Slide could cause neck and spine injuries, particularly during improper landings. In the past, several notices have been issued to recall the danger of this common playing object. 

Easy-Bake Oven

Bradross63 – Wikimedia Commons

The early models of Easy-Bake Oven have made it to our list due to their possibly dangerous heating elements. These toys could cause severe burns and even have a history of the same. At times, when children were playing with the toy, they accidentally touched the hot surfaces, leading to injury. Also, its design lets little fingers get stuck inside. 

Sky Dancer


Another safe-looking but potentially dangerous toy is the Sky Dancer. These spinning dolls have a pull-string system that launches them into the air. It is safe until the dolls start to make irregular flight patterns almost unpredictably. They often crash with objects or people due to their spinning motion and unexpected directions, causing damage. 

Mini Hammock


They are not toys per se, but kids anyway want to enjoy Hammocks. However, those mini hammocks carry the danger of suddenly twisting around necks and strangling the individual. If not properly installed or if the child became entangled in the fabric, there is a risk of suffocation. 

Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids

Bernard Gotfryd – Wikimedia Commons

One of the unusual items on the list is the Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids. This toy features a doll with a motorized mouth mechanism. It comes with plastic food, and the doll mimics eating. However, the doll cannot differentiate between fingers and plastic, and thus, several kids have been bitten by accident. 



Some toys can cause severe harm, and Buckyballs are one of them. These small, powerful magnetic balls were meant to be stress relievers and desk toys. However, if accidentally swallowed, their powerful magnetic qualities can cause danger. If many magnets were eaten, they may attract one another through the walls of the stomach, causing internal damage.

Metal Slinkies


An entry that may surprise many is Metal Slinkies. According to several reports, these harmless-looking toys can contain more than 20 times the legal limit of Chromium. They may cause allergic reactions, ulcers, rashes, and cancer. The presence of Chromium can spread toxicity even through skin contact.

Gilbert Glass Blowing Set


Introduced back in the 1920s, Gilbert Glass Blowing Set is one of the most dangerous toys of all time. Designed to teach kids how to blow the glass through practical experimentation, they involve the risk of burning. The tools in the set contain real blowtorches, which, if mishandled or if they come into contact with the hot metal, can cause severe burns. 

The Original Creepy Crawlers Oven


One of the most dangerous toys ever made in history, the Creepy Crawlers Oven is next on the list. The set contained a hot plate that could reach 300°F and release noxious fumes. Besides the unit getting hot, it also melted hot plastic, which is even more toxic for kids.

Sky Rangers Radio Controlled Airplane


With a history of exploding, the Sky Rangers Radio Controlled Airplane is marked as the most dangerous toy of all time. Back in 2007, there were nearly 45 to 50 reports of this toy airplane exploding. The incidents caused temporary hearing loss and injuries like cuts and minor burns.

Toys R Us 1988 Writing Set


History has some extremely dangerous toys, and the Toys R Us 1988 Writing Set is one of them. Sold in 1987, it was a writing set made for children. However, besides all the safe features, the toy had a small razor blade, enough to pose a danger, especially amongst kids.



Although hoverboards are not immediately very dangerous, they can go wrong any minute. These battery-powered devices, particularly with substandard lithium-ion batteries, are not safe. Besides that, they always carry risks of falls and collisions, especially if used improperly or in unsafe conditions. Many incidents of fractures, sprains, or head trauma have been reported.


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