10 Exciting Baby Shower Games

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Baby shower? Ramp it up with amusing yet touching games that will make this occasion memorable. From classic favorites to unique twists, we have curated a list of 10 exciting baby shower games that will add laughter, joy, and lasting memories to your special day.

Guess That Lullaby

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Start the party with a twist of music! Select and play some soothing lullabies for the guests to name song titles and artists. This game will have everyone tapping their feet and reminiscing about their favorite bedtime tunes, from classic nursery rhymes to contemporary favorites.

Baby Bingo

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You can give the traditional Baby Bingo a fun makeover! Create bingo cards with sweet baby items on them and let attendees mark them off as they watch the mom-to-be open presents. You can also add traditional bingo patterns such as diagonal rows or vertical lines to make it playfully competitive. The first one to complete a row or the entire card exclaims “Bingo”! 

Diaper Raffle

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Stock up on diapers in style. Ask your guests to bring a pack of diapers for raffle entry into winning an awesome prize. In this game, parents-to-be receive a stash of diapers for the upcoming months with their little ones while visitors stand to get something special by participating in it. 

Virtual Celebrity Babies

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Add some belly laughs into your baby shower with the hilarious virtual celebrity babies. It is a super easy and fun way to get everyone together and give a hilarious twist to the room. Simply throw some photos of celebrity babies onto a PowerPoint slide, and you are done! Guests will take a look at the photo and try to guess the celebrity correctly.

Guess the Candy

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This game entails hilarious and surprising twists throughout the event. Start by melting various candy bars, place them in clean diapers, and ask guests to use their senses to identify the candy. This creates moments of laughter and bonding over the unexpected.

Baby Charades

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This will bring out the acting chops in you. Ask your guests to act out baby-related words or phrases without speaking, and allow the other team to guess the answers. It will have everyone engaged in creative and amusing interpretations,  creating a lively and entertaining game atmosphere.

Onesie Decoration

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Onesie decoration is a great way to tap into creativity allowing guests to show their artistic talents. Provide plain onesies and fabric markers, and let the game begin. The best-personalized onesies will win! Moreover, this game creates a special connection between the guests and the little one.

Baby Memory Challenge

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In this game, make your friends’ memories sweat. Flash various baby materials for a while before hiding them. Write down as many of the items as they can remember. It is an amusing and interesting examination of memory skills serving as cherished mementos for the parents-to-be and guests as well!

Parenting Pictionary Showdown

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Make Pictionary a baby affair. Have some words or phrases related to babies prepared and let your guests prove how good their drawing skills are. The participatory nature of this game will lead to laughter and closer relations among parents who have shared parenting experiences together.

Heartfelt Advice Cards

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Wrap up the day with a sentimental touch by providing guests with advice cards for the parents-to-be. Ask guests to share their parenting tips, well-wishes, or funny stories, they might have, on the cards. Brings together all the messages given by those present as well as parents resulting in a meaningful and warm-hearted souvenir for the day.


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