Encourage A Bond Between Your Child And Their Grandparent

Sometimes a grandparent will have trouble bonding with their grandchild.  It may be that they live far apart, don’t have many opportunities to be together or even that they just don’t have much in common.  Thankfully, there are things that you can do to help a grandparent and grandchild bond.

Tell your child stories about their grandparent that you feel will interest them.  For example, my daughter is very interested in history.  When she found out her grandfather was in the service, she had many questions about what a draft notice was.  This sparked a great conversation between the two of them.

Another thing you can do to help your child bond with their grandparent is encourage them to make an effort in communicating with them.  There are so many ways that you can do this.  You can mail them some of your child’s artwork.  You can help them to connect through Facebook or email.  Both of my children communicate with their grandparents through email.

You can bring them into each others world.  Keep your parents informed about things that are going on with your child in their world.  You can also tell your child about things that their grandparent enjoys.  If grandma or grandpa enjoys chess or is a champion card player, that might be something that they could teach your child.  There are many things that a grandparent could teach a grandchild.  These moments can become very precious memories to your child.

A project that is done together can bring a grandparent and grandchild together.  Maybe they can work on a jigsaw puzzle or any number of things.

The point is, with some encouragement, you can bring them into each other’s world and help them to form a wonderful new relationship.

Kid’s Health offers some helpful and valuable advice on this subject in this article.

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