December Bucket List Activities for the Whole Family

Now that December is here, it’s time to think about what you want to add to your December bucket list. There are a few activities you simply have to try with the family this holiday season. Everyone from mom and dad to the smallest of children will enjoy these family-friendly December bucket list items. Make your family memories that much more special by including a few on your calendar this month.

Look at Lights

It’s just not Christmas until you take the kids out on a Friday night to look for Christmas lights. You know where to find the best ones in your city. If you don’t, ask around. Other parents will know where to find the best neighborhoods for holiday decorations for your children and they’ll be excited to recommend them to you and your family.

Drink Hot Chocolate

A hot chocolate party in your pajamas is a great way to have a little fun and enjoy yourself this holiday season. You’ll be happy to sit around the fire one evening with the kids, a Christmas movie on television or Christmas music playing over the surround sound sipping warm hot chocolate with too many marshmallows and even some whipped cream.

Make a Christmas Eve Tradition

There’s something special about spending Christmas Eve at home with your own family. This year make it a family thing by attending your local church service and then coming home to make cookies with your little ones. Santa will want them, after all. When you’re done, present the family with gifts. Each gift should include a new pair of Christmas pajamas and either a Christmas movie to watch together or a Christmas book to read at bed time.


Even if you’re not big on decorating, do it for the kids. They’ll love coming home in the evenings to a house that’s lit up like a Christmas tree – pun totally intended.

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