Even a Bad Date Has a Few Positive Aspects

After recently hearing from one of my girlfriends that her single mom went on a horrible date over the weekend, we laughed and laughed at just how bad this date was. I mean, you really had to hear her mom talking about it to understand just how awful this bad date really was. She was such a trooper, laughing about it. After being asked how she could be so upbeat about such a bad date, she pointed out that there are always advantages to even the worst scenarios. She’s right and here are three positive things you can take from any bad date.

A Good Laugh

While it might not seem overly hilarious at the moment, imagine how much fun you’ll have recapping your horrible date for your friends tomorrow. Laughter is the best medicine; it relieves stress, causes you to feel good and helps you bond with the people with whom you’re laughing. So even if your date is the worst in the entire history of dating, at least you’ll relieve some stress laughing about it every time you tell that story.

A Little Perspective

Perhaps before this date you were obsessed with finding a husband, getting married and having kids. Maybe now you have a little perspective that your single life as a successful career woman is perfectly amazing. You might still want all those things, but until they come along you have been given the good perspective that your life is just fine the way it is.

A New Friend

Just because you have a bad date doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. Of course, you might think a bad date means a creepy guy or a weird guy, but it could just be one of those awkward dates in which you both realize right away that you have nothing in common and you’re forcing it the rest of the night even thought this is a guy you’d love to be friendly with.


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