15 Etiquette Mistakes You Are Making at The Steakhouse


There are at least 10 etiquette mistakes you are making at the steakhouse. Being proper is kind of tough when the food is good enough.

Cutting your steak into pieces before eating it


Take your time, cut one piece, and then eat it. It’s not a process, just enjoy bite after bite instead of planning for multiple bites.

Don’t flood your steak with sauce


The chef didn’t cook your meat to near perfection just for you to upend a bottle of overrated sauce over it. If your steak is meant to have sauce, it will come that way.

Keep your napkin in your lap, not on the table


This is just rude, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you need to excuse yourself, fold your napkin nicely and place it on your chair.

Finishing everything on your plate


Clearing your plate is debatable since some people fully enjoy their meals, even if an empty plate indicates to highbrow individuals that you are desperate for a meal. An empty plate might say satisfaction, but to some, it indicates that you weren’t served enough.  Go figure.

Don’t spit your chewy pieces into a napkin


Gristle does happen now and then and it can be hard to chew. Be polite, place it nicely on your plate, and let it be.

Don’t gnaw on the bone


Are you a dog? Dogs gnaw on bones since they don’t practice etiquette. If you want to chew on a bone make a steak at home.

Ordering a well-done steak


Are you serious? Well done? It’s your choice and all that, but to many chefs, it’s kind of irritating since it means they have to charbroil something and suck all the flavor out of it.

The dress code needs to be followed


In an informal dining room, it’s fine to wear what’s comfortable. But if there’s a dress code in a nice place and you want to be accepted, then observe the dress code before deciding on where to go.

Sending your food back


Granted, there are reasons to send food back because chefs are human and they can make mistakes. But if you do send it back, be polite and give a solid reason. If it’s not to your liking just because you’re picky, get ready for a few nasty surprises.

Making excessive noise while eating


In a fine-dining restaurant, this is beyond rude, not to mention disgusting. Even if an informal dining room it’s wise to keep your grunts and snorts of pleasure to a minimum. This is one of the etiquette mistakes that too many people make unknowingly.


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