You Have to See The Movie The Vow

If you only watch one movie this year, make it The Vow.  With its touching story line, emotionally charged moments, and ability to bring you to both tears and laughter, it is the perfect film.

The Vow is the story of a young married couple, Paige and Leo, who are very much in love.  Then, in one shattering moment, everything changes.  The couple is in a horrible car accident and Paige awakens with no memory of the last five years.  The five years she met, fell in love with and married Leo.

Your heart will melt while you watch Leo work to first help Paige remember, then set out to win his wife’s heart a second time.  His determination will make you root for him, as he struggles to hold back his affection for Paige and give her time to recover.   His love for her is fully present and bursting to show while to her, he is only a stranger to her.  Ladies, this is the love we all want our man to have for us, devoted, courageous and strong.

You’ll cry along with Paige as she faces a world she has no recollection of. You’ll laugh as she discovers the person she has become in those five years that no longer exist in her memory.  You will feel her confusion, then delight as she discovers why she evolved in those five years into the person she can no longer remember.

You will feel every emotion they feel and admire the passion they have for one another.  And like all the best movies, it will surprise you.  Be ready for twists and turns before you breathe a sigh of relief.

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are an exact fit for this story line, and their chemistry sizzles onscreen.  Go see The Vow.  Today.


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