Yet Another Failed Super Bowl Party? Not This Time!

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and millions will gather with friends to watch the Denver Broncos battle the Seattle Seahawks for the championship ring. Super Bowl 2014 is a special year, because it’s this year; and each year is special for football fans. Even if neither team is “your” team, you’ll probably watch the game anyway whether it’s to be part of the biggest football game of the year or to see the hilarious and inspired commercials. If you’re planning a Super Bowl bash, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd using these great party tips.


No one likes a ring on the table, but everyone likes a creative party decoration. This year, make your Super Bowl party more festive and fun by purchasing a few pieces of Astroturf from your local do-it-yourself home store and cut coasters out of the material. Your guests will get a kick (see what I did there?) out of placing their glasses on coasters that look as if they came right off the field.

Go Color Crazy

Even if you’re a fan of one team over the other or you don’t care either way, make sure your Super Bowl party is color crazy. This year it’s easy because the Broncos and Seahawks have blue in common. However, you can differentiate your teams by color coding everything in either orange and blue for the Broncos and Orange and silver and green for the Seahawks. Create color schemes on everything from your plates to your utensils to your desserts to your decorations and have your guests choose their colors at the beginning of the night.

Serve Football Food

Chances are good that your guests love being in your home but they’d much rather have scored tickets to the big game. Make their night more memorable by serving only stadium food. Try items such as hotdogs, burgers, nachos and cheese, soft pretzels and anything else you love to eat when you’re at a big football game.

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