Watch Wreck-It Ralph With Your Kids For A Funny, Touching Movie Night

Wreck-It Ralph is an animated movie by Walt Disney that parents and children can enjoy watching together.  Ralph lives in an arcade in a video game.  In this video game, he plays a bad guy whose job is to wreck an apartment building so Fix-It Felix can save the day.  But the truth is, Ralph isn’t a bad guy.  He’s a good guy who very much just wants to be accepted and have friends.  He doesn’t want to be known as only Wreck-It Ralph.

Since the characters of the video games are free to travel around the arcade in other video games after the arcade closes, Ralph goes to a support group for help, which is made up of other villains of video games.  He comes up with the plan to win a medal which he thinks will put him in the good graces of those he shares a game with.  He embarks on this quest by going into other video games to try to win a medal there.  When he does this during the day, he leaves his spot vacant and the game in which he plays Wreck-It Ralph in danger of being permanently unplugged because it is out of order without the character of Wreck-It Ralph.

As Ralph goes from game to game, he gets distracted from his goal of getting his own medal when he meets Vanellope.  Vanellope has her own problems. She is an outcast in her game, she has a glitch problem and also wants to make friends.  Ralph understands exactly how she feels and makes it a priority to help her to win the respect and admiration of her friends by helping her to realize her dream, being a great race car driver.  When the characters of the game Ralph is in learn what he has done, they gain respect for him and become his friends.

Watch Wreck-It Ralph with your family.

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