Why Do Women Have Such a Connection to Celebrities?

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Women are notoriously obsessed with celebrities. Not all of us are, but there are many women who are celebrity-obsessed and know more about the personal lives of celebs than they do about the personal lives of their own friends and family members. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. Celebrities are, after all, people who put it all out there for the world to see, and they’re in the spotlight. Their lives are public and people love that. But some people want to know what it is about celebs that make women have such a connection, especially considering you don’t see many men who have celebrity connections of this nature. What we’ve done is go ahead and make it possible for you to understand why women feel such a connection to people whom they have never met and probably never will meet.

The simple answer is that when a woman comes across someone she finds interesting, she makes it her mission to look up more information about that person. She ‘gets to know them’ as you might say in real life. This means that she immediately feels a more intimate connection with that particular celebrity, and she’s more likely to feel that they have a personal relationship. It’s no different than how women feel about the other people in their lives, it’s just a bit more obvious when it’s someone famous that she doesn’t know. But since the information is so easily accessible, she makes it her mission to know as much as she can as often as she can so that she can feel an almost intimate connection with her favorite celebrities. And it’s even more magnified when women feel that they have something in common with a celeb, such as one getting married, having a baby or experiencing loss at the same time.

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