We Bought A Zoo Is A Good Family Film

Our family is always on the lookout for a good family film, isn’t yours?  We Bought A Zoo is such a film.  You will fall in love with the animals, and the characters as well.

We Bought A Zoo is a great film for the whole family.  As a mother, you can feel good about letting your children watch this movie.  The movie is rated PG for language and some elements of theater, but I felt very safe in watching it with my children.

But let’s talk about the movie.  Matt Damon stars as Benjamin, father a young absolutely adorable little girl, Rosie and a young teenage son, Dylan.  His wife has recently passed away and he is left trying to pick up the pieces.  He’s lonely; he misses the love of his life and all she did to keep the family running smoothly.

When Dylan gets in trouble one too many times at school, Benjamin is left looking for answers on what to do to help his children cope and give them a fresh start.  The answer comes in a beautiful old farmhouse… which just happens to sit right in the middle of an old, broken down zoo.

Benjamin is undeterred and purchases the house, zoo and all.  What was meant to be therapeutic is suddenly very stressful as Benjamin struggles to help the zoo get back on its feet and help his son cope.

You will find yourself pulling for this family.  Benjamin’s love for his family shines through.  You hurt for Rosie and Dylan and will be moved to tears as you watch them try to come to terms with the loss of their mother.  Along the way, the family learns some very important lessons about loss, love and life.

Rent We Bought A Zoo.  You’ll enjoy every minute.


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