15 TV Shows Ruined By One Character

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TV shows have a great balance of storytelling, character development, and chemistry among characters. When everything seems perfect, viewers get a great experience. But sometimes, it takes only one character to ruin the show for fans. So here are 15 TV shows that were ruined by one character. 

Felicity (Arrow)


Arrow was considered one of the best DC shows ever made. The plot revolved around the superhero Flash, aka Barry Allen, with Oliver Queen and the group being the supporting cast. Fans loved this show until Felicity was introduced as Barry’s love interest. Fans hate their chemistry and state that their romantic plot was very poorly written.

Kate (Lost)


The show was fully packed with amazing actors with many lead roles. However, the plot is about three main characters: Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. They had a love triangle among them, which looked like forced writing. Meanwhile, the scenes were not well produced, and Kate became one of the most boring show leads of all time. 

Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)


Initially, Spike became a great villain in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, the character was written poorly, as he always kept his cool in the scenes instead of acting as a pure demon, which he was meant to be. After a while, he became a troubled antihero, losing all his potential, which led to fans hating the show.

Killian “Captain Hook” James (Once Upon A Time)


Once Upon a Time was a popular fantasy series known for its great characters. The show ran for seven seasons as a romantic TV show. However, in the end, the writers of the show made the popular villain Killian Jones fall in love with the lead Emma Swan. Fans became annoyed with this senseless writing and hated the show thereafter. 

Kate Pearson (This Is Us)


This Is Us depicts a positive representation of family dynamics. The show was filled with light comedy and positive vibes. Most of the characters were loved by the fans except one and that is Kate Pearson. She projected her frustrations on others and blamed everyone for her own mistakes, which led to fans hating her and the show too. 

Marissa Cooper (The O.C.)


The Fox teen drama The O.C. had an excellent debut season, although it got worse after every season. Some fans think the reason for this downfall was due to the bad writing of Marissa, who was one of the leads. The on-and-off relationship between Marissa and Ryan became annoying. Therefore, the O.C. ended in 2007 after so much hate. 

Dr. Tara Knowles (Sons of Anarchy)


Sons of Anarchy has never won an Emmy, but this biker drama series has gained a huge fan following. Maggie Siff was praised for her role as a neonatal surgeon, Dr. Tara Knowles. Fans think Tara’s unexpected death at Gemma Teller’s hands was a bad move. Moreover, Tara getting into the world of SAMCRO became annoying.  

Cosmo Kramer (Seinfeld)


Seinfeld was considered a masterpiece when it came to hilarious writing and good character-building. However, after some seasons, the repeated slapstick comedy by one of the characters, Cosmo Kramer, became annoying for the fans. His obnoxious character cringed with no character development as the show progressed, which ruined the show. 

Fez (That ‘70s Show)


Many fans still believe that that ’70s show is still their comfort show. With relatable humor and an outstanding cast, the show was loved by millions. However, the writers failed to build characters as the show continued. One of the main characters, Fez, lost all the novelties in his one-liners, which made fans hate the show forever. 

Rachel Berry (Glee)


This musical drama revolved around Rachel Berry. But she was also the reason why many fans hated this show. Her New York arc felt overwhelming and undeserving to the fans due to her narcissistic behavior. Her arrogant character and lack of development led to fans hating this show. 

Robert California (The Office)


The Office is still an outstanding comedy show that was loved mainly for the characters. However, fans thought some characters were very off-written, like Robert California. After the departure of Steve Carrell from the show, fans hated that Robert became the new manager in the office. His creepy and arrogant behavior was less appealing to the fans.

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)


Daenerys Targaryen was one of the best-written characters in any TV show. However, in the eighth season, her character underwent a rapid transformation from the main protagonist to a lame villain. Fans hated her ruthlessness, and her villain arc made no sense to them. Due to this, fans still hate the last two seasons of the show. 

Erica Hahn (Grey’s Anatomy)

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Grey’s Anatomy is a gripping medical drama known for its amazing plots. The show is filled with great characters with good backstories, except one, which is Erica Hahn. This character failed to leave a lasting impression on the audience due to her lack of character development. Fans hate the show whenever her character comes into the main storyline. 

Walden Schmidt (Two And A Half Men)


Two and a Half Men revolved around the lives of the Harper brothers and a son. The show looked great to the audience, but it went downhill after the departure of Charlie Harper. The show producers introduced Walden Schmidt to fill in the gap left by Charlie Harper. Walden lacked wit and charm, which led to fans hating this show.

Kim Briggs (Scrubs)


Scrubs had a perfect balance of comedy and heartwarming moments throughout the show. However, the show was criticized due to the introduction of Kim Briggs as J.D.’s love interest. Their love interest lacked emotional depth and looked senseless to most fans. The audience even claims that their romantic pairing is the reason why they hate this show.


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